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Export Feature Doesn't Work


Hello Automation Community and Devs

I recently moved my automation folder to a new drive. When I try an export a file from the Kee engine, no problems occur. When I try to export a file from the UE4 engine, I cannot find my file that I exported. Help?


First thing is probably check for hidden folders


Kee folders and UE4 folders can be in different places. Check Documents/My games/Automation/CarSaveExport or sth like that.


I’ve checked both the folder in my d drive and the folder in my documents folder. It’s not in either location.


Doesn’t it tell you where the file was put? There should be a popup notification with the file path and name.


It did tell me where it was exported. When I checked that file, however, the export wasn’t there.


Check the trim name. The exporter doesnt like files with some characters like _


Also check that Automation is not being blocked by your anti-virus. Some ant-virus are a little over-zealous when it comes to blocking read/write access of Automation.


Would a “/” affect this?

Edit: Nevermind. I got it. The “/” and the “space” where affecting it. Thanks so much!


np, also try to edit posts instead of double posting :slight_smile:


Right lol :smile:

I was on my phone at that time and it gets finickey there so yeah XD whoops