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Exporting to Beam engines are locking up


I have tried a dozen different engines. All below 1400CC (if that would cause anything). I had a few engines work for a while, but then do the same thing. Most of the time this happens within a few seconds of pulling out. Am I missing something? I have about 100 exported cars over the past year and this is the first time this has occurred.


Did the engine hit the rev limiter? There is an issue we’re aware of with engines locking up when they destroy themselves for not good reason. That is more of a BeamNG issue than one on our end though, we’re in contact with the BeamNG team to try and resolve the issue.


That seems to be it, it varies. It also seems to do so when I let off the gas. This all occurs usually in the first 200 meters but I have driven a car up to 30 seconds before it broke. I can not be positive about this, but as far as trouble shooting goes, I also cloned a CSR sandbox car I made a month or two ago, and exported that and it appears to be fine. I just ran it around the track for a minute and it is not exhibiting the same behavior.


I just went back through to reassess a few of the cars that are exibing this and at least one of them locks before midway through their RPM range when applying throttle. It also seems to behave different after restarting beam. Definitely the rev limiter is also happening. I can break an engine on one of these cars by spinning it backwards on the pavement and throttling it while it rolls backwards. I just beat on the car that I cloned from the months ago build and I can’t break it. I hope this helps.


Oh! i had this issue too, i think we’re desiging for the same challenge.
It seems that the intertia is really low, and then after a certain RPM, say 5000, making the throttle input 0 makes the engine lock, not stall. Just lock and never turn back on. I’d never seen anything like it.


These were the stock values it gave me, i’m pretty sure the inertia should be higher, and maybe less friction because the engine is so small it doesnt have enough torque to overcome it? Since beam basically 3/4’s the torque of an engine anyway.