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Facelift platform update suggestion


Just a suggestion for the next big update:
-Platform update/change with facelift.
It has been done IRL:
Peugeot 405 1992 update - In 1992, the range was facelifted. While the changes were deep, including a modified bottom plate and chassis structure, the design was almost indistinguishable from the pre facelift model.
BMW E24 1982 facelift - In 1982 (model year 1983 in the US), the E24 platform changed from the E12 5 Series to the E28 5 Series, resulting changes to exterior styling, engines, chassis, suspension, electronics and the interior.

The quality sliders may be how it’s done. No change - same. Change - new platform, longer engineering time.

Another option is to have the option to move the reliabilty slider while the car is in production. This may result in reengineering of the car. Of course it’s going to take less time as it’s the same car, with a few changes.


Hello and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

So things we don’t really affect in the game.

Except the changes in chassis and suspension these are all currently possible in the game using the same platform. And what chassis and suspension changes exactly? As some suspension improvements can be done too without changing the platform in the game.

Iiii’ve seen it discussed somewhere… Though I can’t find it now. Maybe it was on Discord?


This could affect the safety and handling characteristics of the vehicle.
There’s a “chassis stiffness” parameter.
And you could upgrade the safety features (crumple zones are part of that, that’s why weight is affected by the quality slider).


Both handling and safety can be improved greatly without touching the platform and thus introducing a new mechanic in the game. Why just a few examples in the whole automotive world would justify investing development time in that? There are more common and influential things awaiting introduction.


I think for the “locked” part in facelift like chassis, the quality slider should still adjustable for a facelift.


How would that make sense? Say I start a car on +0 steel panels. Can I switch to -10 steel panels at the facelift? Does that even make sense? If my car started rusting like a mofo after a facelift that would definitely make people question what kind of update it was


I think it could even happen in production…
Well, the quality slider in game doing so much thing, that’s a problem for this idea…
maybe limited to ±2~3?


There are examples of cars either improving or hurting badly in terms of build quality after a refresh, though I suspect this is already to some extent represented by simply funding your factories more/less.


Yeah, that would more have to do with cutting funding for quality checking I think too. I’m still struggling to comprehend why you should be able to add quality to the chassis and body of a car… the very bits that normally can’t be changed for a facelift