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Factory worker happiness and other stuff


So you’re factories are going to be stocked with people right? People are needy little things, and if they don’t feel their needs are being met, they’ll get pissy and start marching.

Now, I’ve worked a few factory jobs in my day and I’ve seen the good and the bad. So here’s my suggestions.
A tab that shows your worker happiness.
A tab that shows purchases you can make on their behalf. IE, padded mats, sun lights, a break room, HVAC, radio, Safety

If their needs aren’t being met, they can picket and protest, driving your reputation and profits down.

Maybe you can have the EPA on our ass if we’re blackening the sky a bit too much.


Strikes? British Leyland anyone? :smile: I like the idea.


Considering how many factories you have in various regions in a full blown campaign, it would be hellish amount of micro management to make that happen. So let me ask you why you feel this would be a good addition to the game. What about it is appealing?


I’d feel like a good CEO by making sure my peeps are happy. Plus, I’ve seen plenty of shitty management, and would like to prove to myself I’d be a good leader.

Plus, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to hire people to do that work for you should you want. lol


Then again, requiring micro-management in non-core aspects of the game is not what I would personally consider a good thing.

Being able to adjust pay for example could be fine, but choosing individual upgrades like that when, as Killrob said, you will probably have loads of factories of various sizes and in various countries during the campaign, is just pointless micro-management. I mean, even Gear City doesn’t go down to that level of detail.

As for having the possibility to automate these decisions, this brings in the issue of requiring more development time for a feature most people will probably always run on automatic mode.


Well it would make sense to have some automated feature that takes into account the work cultures of different countries/regions. Then you could build your gasmean cars with archanan child laborers