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Feature Unlock Dates


a very nice job!

give that man a cookie!

imho, the max tyre width is missing


That’s because there isn’t any tire width limit, only a tire profile limit, which he listed.


Wider tires in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s needed a small rim and lots of sidewall.


@Mason148: It would be best to migrate topics like these to our official wiki (linked on forum landing page on top). We’ll make it more structured in the next days.



Hello everybody!
Any ideas why I don’t have acces to 8- and 9-speed sequental gearboxes (both singl and dual clutch)? I tried years 2016 through 2020.


Well, that would be because there are not 8-9 speed sequential gearboxes (at least, not in production cars)

inb4 the ZF 8 and 9 speed used by Aston Martin, maserati, dodge and many others is a planetary gearbox not a sequential.


I think we’ve seen by now that there are planetary automatics that can shift just as fast as if not faster than manuals. But in game selecting a torque converter adds nearly a full second to your 0-60 time, and it will still be slower no matter how many quality points you put in it.


Well, why 8- and 9-speed sequential gearboxes were mentioned in the first place? Were they removed from the game?


I actually suggested a more modern automatic transmission, like triptonic or ZF Multiplate clutches but it seems that would only happen if the drivetrain choices aren’t enough in the gameplay.

@Lex About the list, look it in detail, it hasn’t been updated in a while and the current dates and options doesn’t match, for example, we now have spaceframe and partial aluminum, and EFI unlocks in the early 80s. Remember the game still in development, we still get some balancing changes every once in a while.


With the first Unreal version out, how much has changed (or in the case of new features) been added for feature unlocks?