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Felgen's stuff


It’s on Steam now. :slight_smile:


Love the non-900 (and you other suff!) but there is a problem. Morphing wheel arches does not increase max tyre width.

NON-SAAB Wheel problem

Want it ingame? :slight_smile:


That would be great. :slight_smile: I’ve already sent it to you (together with the improved Lotus and the non-T3), but I can send it again. The car seems to be popular among MCM fans.

Won’t be making any cars in a while due to the fact that I had to upgrade to 3DS Max 2017 (2013 stopped working for good after the final update). Nevertheless, 2017 is the best 3DS Max to date. It’s fast, stable (I never thought I would say that about anything from Autodesk) and very easy to use.


Keep making the cars…and when the move to UE4 is complete we’ll be spoilt for choice because you should be able to export better! :slight_smile:


I believe the transition to UE4 will make it more convenient to export cars. And it will also allow more modders, as it does not require 3DS Max anymore. :slight_smile:


So… the not-Saab body looks like a hatchback but isn’t described as such in the design tab, though the sloping rear end gives ample room for ducktail or even whale-tail spoilers, just like a classic 911. However, up front the engine bay can accommodate a six-litre V12, although when I slotted one into this body, I found out that the excess weight, particularly up front, overwhelmed the narrow tires, hindering acceleration. It was still fast though… but I feel that this body works best with a low-displacement turbo straight-six.


Nice model, but I thing coupe version don’t need that pillar:

Sedans use this to split glass to allow rear window full open. In coupe version it is useless and looks less sporty. Can You remove it please?


That’s a good suggestion. Unfortunately, I can no longer make new models for a while; the latest Windows 10 updates have rendered 3DS Max 2013 unusable. I get your point, though. The SAAB 900 coupe body can be used to make a sports car or a boulevard cruiser – in which case that pillar kind of ruins it.

I’ve sent the non-SAAB, the non-VW and the improved non-Lotus to the developers, though. :slight_smile: They are free to make any change they think is necessary.

NON-SAAB Wheel problem

Not Hatchback? It has IRL 3 or 5 doors. It’s not an “Touring”(BMW), “Estate”(Brit?).
It’s a Halv-Kombi.(Half-Estate).


It’s referred to as kombikupé in Scandinavia. :slight_smile: The term is also used for similar cars (eg. the Ford Mondeo hatchback), although the term was coined by SAAB.


looks up Ford Mondeo Hatchback

Why don’t we have this in the US???


The large hatchback market just emerged again in Europe as well. :slight_smile: It died of in the mid 1990s (SAAB continued making them until 2003), and only recently emerged again.


In the US we call that a liftback, but they’re practically nonexistent here. There’s pretty much only the Model S and Audi A7, unless you want to count the Prius. Liftbacks are just amazing in my opinion, practical, aerodynamic, and ridiculously sexy…


I couldn’t agree more @phale. It’s a real shame Mazda couldn’t make another one for the current sexy design since they use to always (since like the early 80’s anyway) had a wagon, sedan and liftback for the 626 and Mazda6 models until the latest iteration.


I think that developers won’t make that kind of stylistic changes. I’m afraid You need to make it on your own when 3d max will come to like Windows 10 :wink:


Forgive my tactlessness but…well…I think the nurse needs to up your meds.

Ford Mondeo…and sexy…HOW? OK the new model has an Aston(ish) front grille…but…well…it’s a Ford Mondeo…


The 2nd gen V6 Wagons were pretty nice though. But not a Liftback.


Yep. I’m Scandinavian, so i know. My Grandfather used to have one, as did my sisters boyfriend.


WIP shot of my “not a Saab Sonett III”. :slight_smile: