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Felgen's stuff


You sure? Just trying to build coupe and with dw 205 is max width even though there is quite some space left


That issue is more the fault of the game than the fault of Felgen.

If you look at other bodies, there are a few that have this problem (or the opposite, with the tires going outside of the fender.)


Rim diameter could have something to do with that.


Make sure to play around with Rim Size, Tire Material and Quality, because each of them will adjust how wide you can go.


Hey umm… I can’t find your second Swedish aeroplane in the game. I see it on the workshop and even found the thumbnail files (in the wrong folder). I think I redownloaded it… what am I doing wrong?
Also: heia Norge!


Try deleting the appropriate folder inside Gamedata, then re-subscribe on Steam. This will force Steam to re-download the file. :slight_smile:


SCRATCH THAT everything is working


After a long hiatus, work on porting some of my stuff to UE4 has began. :slight_smile:


Lookin’ sharp right there.


Welcome back from your very long hiatus!


I’m really happy to see you back here!


Thanks for the welcomes. :slight_smile: It might take a few weeks before it’s ready, but it’s well on it’s way. Detail level has increased slightly, while still retaining a sensible polygon count.


A small update. Edges look less jagged now because of roughly 200 more polygons in more important areas. :slight_smile:


I try to open the SDK in UE4, but it says the following: “Unable to open this project, as it was made with a newer version of the Unreal Engine.”

I use Unreal Engine 4.17.2.


The game has moved on to version 4.21, so downloading that one should solve the problem.


Thanks for the suggestion. I got one step further, but as the project loads, I get stuck at 45% at the loading screen. The CPU usage then jumps to insane levels and the loading hangs up. Does anyone know what might be wrong?


I do believe the solution to that is to wait it out.


Porting old KeeEngine cars is what I desire the most :smiley:


Actually, porting it was less of a deal than I imagined. :slight_smile: The mesh itself does not need to be redone, and neither does the skinning. The materials and unwrapping are a little different, but thankfully, unwrapping today isn’t difficult.


Speaking of KeeEngine, I miss the not-a-Skoda-Felicia and not-a-Golf-MK1 cars a lot. :slight_smile: The former would also look good with a compact sedan or convertible layout.