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Felgen's stuff


Looking good so far, can’t wait to see it in UE4 :grin:. There are modding channels in the Automation Discord you’re welcome to ask questions in if you run into any hangups :wink:


There’s another one of your mods I’d like to see ported over from Kee to UE4: the 80s executive sedan body (which unlocks in 1985 and resembles an Opel Senator). I’d naturally expect all the body styles (sedan, coupe, convertible, wagon), and while you’re at it, (re)make a smaller 3-series-sized version of it in addition to the larger existing one, with its longer wheelbase. One thing that should be changed compared to Kee, however is provision for wider tires (225 to 245mm) as standard without flaring the wheel arches significantly. I understand that you’re busy porting the 60s supercar over as well, so take your time.