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Felgen's stuff


A couple of days. :slight_smile: There will be two versions of both the coupe and the convertible; one looks slightly more 1940s-ish (fender skirts, split windscreen, etc.).



Almost finished with the coupe and the convertible. :slight_smile:[/quote]

Well, well. First time I stop by in some weeks, and I find this. :astonished: Gorgeous looking not-356 you got there, Felgen. Is it almost ready for release on Steam? I’m planning to start playing again this weekend. :sunglasses: :smiley:


It’s almost ready. Just need to set up the boxes. :slight_smile: I’ve been very busy lately, hence the delay.

Keep in mind that it’s not the most versatile car; It can be morphed into not resembling a Porsche 356 that much, but it’s hardly a generic body shape by any means.


And I can fit a big bore engines?


It can fit a medium sized flat-8. :slight_smile: The car itself is very small, though. So don’t expect a massive big block engine to fit.


Flat-8? What version of the game do you have? :smiley:


he’s probably referring to the real life vehicle it is based off of



he’s probably referring to the real life vehicle it is based off of[/quote]

Impossible. The 356 had a flat 4 from the Beetle. He would say v8.


He probably means flatpane V8


Any updates in regard to the new car?


I’ve been delayed a bit because of an assignment at school (I bit of more than I could chew by trying to make my own Big Integer library in a very short time). :slight_smile: Rather than submitting a car that’s buggy now, I would rather submit it after I know for sure that every bug has been dealt with.


How about the progress of not-356?.


Almost ready. But at the moment, I’m very busy at school. Rather than submit something that’s 98% complete, I’ll submit something that’s 100% complete when it’s ready. :slight_smile:


Should be ready now. Let me know if there are any bugs. :slight_smile: The car comes as a coupe and a convertible. Each body style has two versions, a “not authentic” version and a “not authentic” version with more 1940s design cues.

(All of my vanilla content stuff has been removed, btw.)


There was a bugs that I found

  • Split Windshield (40s) Coupe had small problem on the rear hood morph, where the morph increases bumper height at curve, while other variants (40s Convertible and all 50s version) do not.
  • Unable to place the 1.5 L I4 (79x76.5 mm Bore x Stroke) in the rear engine configuration, due to the incorrect wheel alignment for RR Layout and short tail morph.


  • Front-Engine variant of the bodies, due to the early years, RR cars are very understeering and had handling issues.


The texture on the convertible roof is not loading, I checked the mod’s data folder and the file I assume to be the texture seems corrupted. I notice ohm1996 didn’t mention it so is it only me?


Also have the convertible roof failing to load the texture. Took me a while to find out about it because I don’t typically build a lot of convertibles early on.


It is occurred everyone, you have to copy the convertible texture to the Camso/carparts/sharedtextures as well.


An FR Version will probably come in the future, although I do not have time to make one right now. The real 356 had a flat-4, not an inline 4 (the former is roughly half the length of the latter), and since the car was only a little bigger than the VW Beetle, it makes very little sense to have large I4 engine in the back (the first 356 had a 1.1 liter engine), especially since the 930 and the 911 2.7 Carrera RS were infamous for oversteering and awful drivability. You can, however, fit a small V8 in the car. :slight_smile:

The bumper issue will be fixed soon. I will also place the required textures on Dropbox.


Reworking the non-Lotus Esprit. :slight_smile: New morphs are being added, some details will be added without increasing the polycount, the mapping will be redone, and two new versions will also be added: One with a targa top and one with gullwing doors.