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Felgen's stuff


I don’t remember… it is vanilla now, right? So the update will come along with the open beta updates?


I will send my reworked version to the devs. It’s already vanilla, but I’ve learned a lot about texturing, optimization and skinning since then. :slight_smile: Before it’s sent to the devs, it will also be on Steam.


I’ve reworked the non-Lotus extensively, but the uploader just redirects me to the subscriber agreement, which is seemingly impossible to accept.


You need to log in to steam in the web browser. Once you make this, repeat the process to open now the agreement.


Can you please make a direct download available for the 1960’s supercar?
The old version dissappeared from the game and Steam workshop doesnt work for me.


And yeah really looking forward to the new non Lotus wedge car, this has always been a favorite of time. Hopefully we can fit wider tyres.


It’s already on Steam. I’m also making a 1980’s version of it (with wraparound bumpers and gullwing doors).


Felgen I have heard that you are working on updating the sunroof mod you did before, would it be possible to work in a Targa and T-Top variant of that fixture?


A targa version would be difficult, as it is impossible to get it to line up perfectly with the door seams. :slight_smile: Also, my new Lotus Esprit has a targa roof (it might need to be redownloaded from Steam after the most recent update).


Oh, is there paint color trim in the game we could always use that to make it look like a targa.


My current project. :slight_smile:


Intresting… Wasn’t Kubby doing something similar? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine is a bit more modern though.


Updated progress. :slight_smile:


I like the look of that! Hoping it’ll take all three engine positions comfortably. Would love to have a van that could easily take front, mid, or rear engine mountings. Can already tell I’ll have fun designing something around that.


Somehow only found this just now… looks great! It’ll be nice to have more van bodies going through the years.


Oooh, nice van! Want it as vanilla content again? :slight_smile:


That would be great. :slight_smile: It’ll be finished sometime in the next week, due to an upcoming exam.


Sweet! Send it over when you’re happy with it.


Anyone have any idea what to do when 3DS Max 2013 just hangs at the splash screen, without starting?:angry: