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Felgen's stuff


Do you by any chance have Windows 10?


Yep. Worst Windows version since Millenium Edition. :slight_smile: Although Max has worked in the past.


I had the same problem, and 3DS Max isn’t officially supported for Win10. I have no idea how that could be solved if it’s the same issue I had, where it worked fine for a bit but then just failed to launch ever since. Autodesk tech support has no solution for it, and neither does Microsoft tech support. That’s why I have to use 3DS Max 2016, save my models in the 2013 format, and send them off to someone with 2013 to export them for me.


It magically works again now. :slight_smile: I didn’t do anything to it, but I’m deactivating automatic updates and the info center to ensure it will work in the future.


Got Max working again. :slight_smile: The van will be ready by tomorrow. In your face, Windows 10!


The van is now on Steam Workshop. :slight_smile:


Aerodynamic mid 80’s Swede in progress. :slight_smile:


Saab 900?


If any lawyers read this, it’s not a SAAB 900. :stuck_out_tongue: Automation needs family cars with radical designs (SAAB, Citröen, etc.). My previous car was a “boring” car, so I’m making something a bit more unique this time.


I’m up for having some radical designs in Automation.


Not-Saab. Not-Saab! WONDERFUL CROCODILE FROM THE NORTH!!! I think I might have an orgasm.


Current progress. I will make a “kombikupé”/sedan, a two-door coupe, a convertible and an estate. The SAAB 900 wore it’s unpainted, matte-black plastic like a crown, but sadly, this will not allow the user to punch holes for fixtures in it. :slight_smile:


Nice! I like it! Can’t wait until it gets onto the workshop. :slight_smile:


Time to do what SAAB intended with that car, put a v8 in it. :grinning:


Time to do the part I don’t enjoy: skinning this creature. :slight_smile:


What is going on with that rear wheel arch?


Too bad we can´t have the propper longitudinally mounted engine configuration on top of the gearbox for this body.
A really beautiful car, you should consider doing a Sonett III also.


A 3. generation Sonett is on my eventual to do list. :slight_smile:


Anyone said Sonnett III?


Not a SAAB 900 Safari. :slight_smile: Now, the coupe and the convertible remains.