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Better watch out for them glass gearboxes (I work at an IVECO garage).


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TreadKillers Tuning House
2018 LA Auto Show

U got more power and more economy in the turbocharged one. I see a van competition :sunglasses: and how much torque do the v6 have?


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We could but how? And those numbers are good! The u100 use basic interior and infotainment. Standard progressive springs and passive sway bars to keep cost low


Maybe the scores have something to do with chassis type? Cause im thinking in my head how he get better numbers and have markup


Yours in In kilograms mine is in pounds. urs is about 2 tons and mine is one half


I didnt put 8 seats because if the 2nd row seats is a bench, i was thinking how is it going to be easy to get in 3rd row


What is your load capicity and towing?


My load capicity is 2452kg and towing is 1338kg


The truck would be better at towing, the van is more for putting stuff in the back


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Why do all your vehicles look the Same, and why those outdated wheels


I could find more but I had only 30 seconds free for research


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I doubt the ultra patriotic US police force choses anything but american cars for their fleet though xD


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