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FGS Corporation


Here at FGS, we strive to make inexpensive luxury and performance cars, along with economy and city cars. We think forward, with a gallon of fun only found in times way before today.
If you have any car ideas or suggestions reply to this new thread below.
Our Engine Technologies:
FAVLS: FGS Advanced Valve Lift System. A discrete valve timing and lift system
FVL: FGS Valve Lift. A valve lift system found in large displacement engines.

Our cars:
Squeeze, Squeeze eco, Squeeze Ecosport, Squeeze Sport/sport+/SPORTX ,Squeeze Sedan, Squeeze Mini, Mosata, Cortana, Classeon, Pro-Lift, Rozata, Cotora, Matara, Tropic, Lavata, Dorota, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S5GT (Discontinued), and more.




Don’t you like the SQUEEZE?

In all seriousness, I agree. the squeeze wouldn’t sell for the name alone.


I was thinking more along the lines of changing the unbearable, corporate-meeting-room dreariness of “Classeon” and “Matara”.

I’ve also had a tip-off from a trusted source that “Lavata” translates to ‘Wash’ in Italian…


On the other hand, I managed to call my whole corporation “I pee” without thinking about it… :confused: