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FIGHT ME (Market Research Gryphon Gear style)


As expected (sorry if I wasn’t clear enough) I started building the tracks on the 2nd, which I expect will be complete in the next 3 days (a bit of an emergency situation aside). Data importing will follow and should be complete by Wednesday.

You can expect me to include both subjective interpretation as well as all the numbers and pretty graphs that is my usual, plus a hopefully comprehensive synthesis about what the cars stand for and what they deliver on all counts.

EDIT: Have finally imported all the cars. You may get surprise messages in your inbox about either confirmation or issues with your car, especially if you haven’t told me the markup or how many models you’ll be producing.


EcaMobile HammerSpurII Redline

The Racecar for the streets !

The normal Hammerspur is the roadster for everybody, and with the new facelift we made it even better !
Better technology , better materials , better performance !

The normal Hammerspur is avalible with a 1L I3 , 1.5L I4 and 1.5L Turbo I4

But this is EcaMobiles Performance brand , which put a massive 2.5L i6 Turbo in it, producing 300hp.
This performance kit also comes with a new paintjob, splitter and spoiler.
Also better Sportseats, better tyres , better springs and dampers are installed.

There will be 10.000 made for production start. But any HammerSpurII can be changed later to the Redline.
0 % at 17.400€
44% at 25.000€

A normal HammerSpurII can be bought around 19k and the Redline conversion is going to be around 8k.


Are we gonna fight or not? :smiley:


Hopefully, we get to it before they do away with the KEE Engine version completely; in the last Little Dev Update, Killrob hinted that that time may be coming soon.


Strop’s been busy, as he’s indicated on Discord quite a few times.


I absolutely promise you all the data will be in before Kee vanishes. I’m also keeping an eye on that!


Şo…strop… what about this one?


Now that I’ve caught up with the GAR, which was, erm, an unscheduled distraction, I am back to GMR.

I am saying a lot without posting anything aren’t I. I happen to have several days off coming up. If you don’t have any meaningful material from me by the end of next week you definitely have good cause to, I don’t know. Slag my reputation or something!


Good news everybody!

I’ve finished both tracks that will be used for testing the cars.

This is the (formerly Bob Jane) Calder Park Raceway. It used to be owned by legendary Australian motorsport figure and tyre tycoon Bob Jane (Booooooooob Jaaaaaaaaaaaaane, T Mart!). It was known as one of the most preeminent homes of Australian motorsport, featuring many kinds of sports bike and sports car races around the road course, and NASCAR style races around “The Thunderdome” throughout the 80s. More recently, the track fell into a state of disrepair, then Bob’s own son kicked him off it and he was literally dragged off the site by security guards in 2010. It didn’t open for a while after that, but now it’s almost exclusively used for the regular local drag events populated largely by bogans and their (actually rather well put together) nostalgia machines (now that Holden and Ford are dead in Australia), and of course gatecrashed by the occasional crackhead…

warning: contains explicit Australian

We’ll be testing on the full course, which AFAIK hasn’t actually been used for about thirty years, which I feel is an utter waste.

This, however, is not an official track. It’s a real, very narrow, rather out of the way road which has a grand total of five properties along it, not far north of Melbourne. It’s far from the steepest hillclimb, but it’s full of blind corners, trees and cliffs, and no barriers. At any given time, a significant proportion of the surface is either dusty, rough, or full of debris. It should represent a significant challenge and will be closed off for several hours to give us a chance to test how pliable at the limit the cars really are.

I’ll share the tracks for download as soon as I release the GMR writeup, which, now that I can go through all of them in detail, should be the end of next week.


A bit less than thirty years since it was used… by the public… for… TRACKDAYS! I’ll admit they didn’t let me take my RT81 on it back in '92, but I did take it on the 'dome. That was amusing. Oh, and I managed a 22.5sec 1/4Mi… I blame third gear.


hi everyone, reviews are chugging along nicely, though I am a bit behind. They average about 750-900 words per car. I should add that I have cars from:

@abg7 (x2)
@Rk38 (x3)
@conan (x2)
@Madrias (x2)

In addition to the 3 cars that I have, that’s 35 entries, I think (I definitely have miscounted).

I plan to write all the reviews individually, then post-hoc analyses about trends in the markets various cars might cluster around. There will be graphics and graphs and ordered lists aplenty. My question is, would you like me to start posting the reviews in batches (there’ll be 4 batches of 8 I imagine)? Or try to post it all at once? The cars are being reviewed in order that they appear in my car list in the game, so it’s a loose alphabetical order depending on which naming convention you used.

  • Show all the reviews at once
  • Show them in batches

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I don’t see my name up there. Do I need to resend it?


nope, I just can’t read :joy:

ok so that’s 35 cars. Maybe I’ll do them in batches of 9 instead.


Do it on your own time, and best temp that suits you. Also I’d recommend that with each car you review you attach a single picture of it, so we don’t go back through the thread to recall how a specific car looks like and what it even is :slight_smile:


How did you get a car from me when I never entered one? :crazy_face:


Bad tagging :joy:

Will have a batch up in about 16 hours, and yes, they’ll have pictures!


Ooooh. Can’t wait for them pictures. *drool


Im quite sure I should be up there…


Thought I sent you two cars, a Storm and a Dynamite.


Good god this is why you don’t do housekeeping after back to back long shifts :joy:

Anyone else feel free to pipe up if things look amiss.