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Files Going Missing Randomly


My problem with the game, as the title says, is the fact that I tend to lose files constantly. Game files that are required for it to run, I’ll try to take pictures of the errors if needed. In a few words, I can do something like, switch from carburators to injection one time, but at the second time, it tells me that the file is gone and there’s a game error. It’s pretty much a random event. If there’s anything I can do to explain this better, do let me know as I’m quite confused about it myself.

The files are indeed missing, everytime I get this kind of error, I close the game and verify the files just to end up with something downloading.

I would like to know, is that behaviour normal? and what could be causing such issues? just asking before I do a reinstall.


Your AV may be flagging false positives. Check the quarantine folder and try excluding Automation in the settings.


That’s something I totally missed, thanks a lot!