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[Final results!] The Car Shopping Round 66: A car for a hero



So, what do you get when an American company tries to make something sporty or fun? A 2 liter OHV, carburetted inline 4 with a turbocharger tacked on for good measure, mated to a four-speed manual and propelling the car with only the finest of American solid axle technology.

On the other hand, because leaded fuel isn’t banned here just yet, you get the full, unrestrained power. Not that there’s all that much of it.

(Sadly, we can’t go without the intercooler. Otherwise I would have made this thing a proper ‘hot air’ turbo system.)



(Note:. $4450 from 1975, not $4450 from 2018)


Are you selling that at a loss or is it made out of cardboard?


I’d wager cardboard was too expensive. It’s gotta be tissue paper.


Is the price with inflation calculated. The Automation price, converted to the 1975 US dolar price.


An affordable V6!


I tried many paintjob (I wanted a bicolor) and this is the only one who fitted really nice :slight_smile:


You may be right. It’s the size of a Mk1 Escort, with a 16v DOHC I4 for propulsion, and all-independent suspension, but with the nose of a Manta 400.


The all new BürgerFahrzeug Kutsche

The premium car for everybody.

Powered is the Kutsche by a powerful 2L Turbo V6 producing 150hp.

Propelling you to 100km/h in 8 sec and topping out at around 200km/h
All this while only using 11.3L/100km.

The Kutsche comes in 5 colors (Left to right): Braun, Weiß , Schwarz , Rot and Gelb

Get your own Kutsche for only 9637$ !

BürgerFahrzeug - Vom Volk, fürs Volk


Introducing the 1975 Ardent Vizcaya.

New edge styling. A sport tuned suspension. Up to 145 horsepower*. Bolstered bucket seats. 10 watt AM radio. 8 colors.

Affordability and fun don’t have to be enemies. With trim and option levels for all budgets and tastes, there is one matched to suit your needs.

The new era of motoring has arrived. Grab it by the wheel.

Vizcaya DL. The balance of exhilaration and frugality. Starting at $2499**.
Vizcaya GT V6. The new face of thrill. Starting at $2999***.

*When equipped with 3.6 Liter V6, Euro spec only
**Ardent Vizcaya DL with 4-speed manual and 1.8 Liter I4.
***Ardent Vizcaya GT V6 with 4-speed manual.

Submitted trim: Vizcaya GT V6 with Euro spec 3.6L V6, $9811 AUD.


Ausud 159RE

We are a small company specializing in low-to-medium-volume production vehicles, and the 159RE is our latest model. Powered by the Hellevuur V6 engine, the 159 can make you smile in less than seven seconds, and grin during corners even faster.

Prices starting from $9157, after some minor adjustments were in order.


MY75 Bogliq Belfast RS

Built to go rallying, the Belfast RS was offered to the general public as a halo model in the Belfast line-up. It was a special order model so the factory continued to make the RS model right up until the Belfast changed bodies in 1982. Quick, loud and thirsty, the RS model was meant to bring performance thrills to the masses and some were even used as quick response units in the Moldovan State Police!

You too can purchase one; all you need is $9,555 AU’s and we’ll ship one to you ASAP :star_struck:

Buy better, buy Bogliq!


Not blue, not a Bogliq, it’s a scam, bin!



Quick update

Some people in the Discord have suggested a minimum limit of four seats (so that Spencer can have a sidekick + one or two witnesses in the car, for example). 2+2 would also be OK. While most entries would already comply with the new rule, there are a few that would not.

For those that submitted two-seaters, would you be OK with modifying your entries? Everybody will have full veto rights, i.e. if one of you say no to the new rule, it won’t happen.


I agree with the rule change. And my car is a four-seater anyway, which is why I am in favor.


I’ll just go with the majority, as my submission can go either way.


wait a…


why does that matter again?

and as i finally just got my car to under 10k dammit


Well, I can say that it really doesn’t matter for me this time, I guess I’m out as long as my save files continues to get corrupted. :frowning:

But seen in a bigger perspective, I am very much against changing the rules in the middle of a competition. They should be clear from the start. Not fun if someone had put lots of work into a body that does not accept more than two seats and have to start from scratch again.

But that’s just an opinion, go for 4-seaters if you want to this time since it seems like I can’t participate anyway.