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[Final results!] The Car Shopping Round 66: A car for a hero


The 1975 Giusseppe G-190C

It’s a little bit of fun, for everyone!

For less than 10.000 Lira. (1975 Lira)


I think you’re right tbh.

New rule isn’t happening, continue like nothing happened.


Corrupted save file problem solved, but all my previous work disappeared. But whatever…
But I’m out of this round.


'75 LLA Moth V6

All new for '75 the Moth has been revised for better performance, affordability and finally an improved build quality. Unlike most cars made in England the Moth has no relation to the devils - I mean Leyland. With 3 different variants the Moth can be a light 4 pot PCH cruiser, a V6 Pony car or a V8 Dragger.

The V6 show today will cost $9560 before tax and comes with a full 7 year warranty - Because not all British cars have to break down and take all your savings to fix.


You know that oil crisis? How expensive it’s been to refuel your car? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a sports car that gets 27 MPG (UK)?

Yeah, you heard us right. The Albatross 200C gets 27 MPG, while also going from 0-62 in 10.1 seconds. And it won’t only save you money on gas. The Albatross 200C costs only $7755. Who could ask for more?


The car’s picture won’t load. :confused:


A boring car can get you places

A stylish car can get you anywhere in life

The all-new 1975 Ligrani Serpente

Because life is too short for boring cars

2+2 Seats
All wheel independent suspension with disc brakes all round
2.7L V6
Advanced safety equipment

Prices starting at A$ 9,975


another low effort ad



BAM Paginza 622 S

Wild and tame. Reasonable and fun. Available from $9461.


Bramble Goathland S

There’s Never No TIme For Fun

All independent suspension, 179hp and black bonnet as standard.


Caliban Type SC Infinity.

The most fun you’ll ever have in a car. Are you up to the challenge?
From $9669.



Sad, I wouldn’t be able to submit anything until at least 24 hours from now which means I’mma miss the deadline :cry:


Maybe ask for an extension?

I’m happy to wait an extra 24hrs if @Chipskate is and I’m sure everyone else on this thread wouldn’t want to be deprived of your lunacy either! :rofl:


If everybody else are fine with it then I guess I could keep the round open until Saturday.

(tbh I haven’t gotten very far into the reviews and could appreciate having another day for writing)


Considering you’ve set the period to be only 5 days instead of usual 7. Another day wouldn’t hurt indeed.


I personally wouldn’t mind. The more competition the merrier, right? :grin:


I don’t mind either, after all, I’d love to see what @strop can come up with…


Yay, that means I’ll be able to enter too! :smiley: