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[FINISHED] CSR 102 - A Free Decision




You didn’t mistakenly enter CSR instead of CSC did you?



Nah, Batz offers a 100% Communism Free Warranty on request. (Assuming you refer to this : '72 Commie Sports Car Challenge )


:thinking: This could do the trick…


LEDs in 1992??


I was referring to this The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 8]?

Since that is awfully batty


Opaque white glass with black plastic stripes, normal light bulbs under.uh


Missed that one. Now I need to see a man about a horse


Dragon - DC01
fun for the whole family and a dog
6 cylinder, turbocharged
0-60 in about 6 seconds


Alta Balt S45

Spring of 1990, the Baltic states had declared independence from Soviet rule.
Now free of the Russian burden, many Baltic citizens wanted get rid of their outdated Russian VAZ’s and get into something new and european.
With the help of Rosker, a Baltic car brand was created, called Alta, Using a badge that has 3 stars representing each country.
Selling Rebadged Rosker Drema’s as the Alta Balt S45.
Factories were made in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius.

At first each factory had to produce a test batch of 100k cars each to see what the reception would be. The cars sold well enough, but the brand didn’t last long,
since many bought Rosker cars when they got imported in the Baltics,
so a need for the brand wasn’t there anymore. In March 1995 the Lithuanian factory was shutdown, in March 1995 the Estonian factory was shut and in May 1995 so was the Latvian one.

  • The Alta Balt S45 is powered by a 2401cc Inline 5 cylinder Naturaly Aspirated engine, with a SOHC 20 Valve head.
  • It’s RWD and used a 5-speed manual gearbox.
  • Average fuel economy of 5.6L/100km at 90km/h. And an overall average fuel economy of 7.8L/100km.
  • Standard interior with seating for five, for entertainment you get as standard a good quality cassette system.
  • The price: $18800
naughty stuff

(I wanted to make the advert in Latvian, but this is a car for an Estonian so… that would have not worked out)


Not sure why nobody mentioned anything before, but… what’s with the very low engine ET? I’m trying to make a perfectly reasonable inline 4 engine with DOHC and MPFI, as was quite normal for the era, but this is waaaay outside the ET limits. Do you just not want any DOHC engines…?


This annoys me. My cars (game and IRL) run on 91, but there’s nothing stopping me putting 95 in.


I am curious if this is true for the target market here (honestly I don’t know).


No idea where you live, but in Europe at least mpi and dohc was by no means pretty usual. Sohc engines were built well into the 2000s and mpi was only becoming a thing starting in the 90s.
So the ET is reasonable at least for where this CSR is taking place.


So, you want to restrain your engine more or where are you getting at? If you design your engine to run on 91 and advance the ignition, reduce air fuel ratio and increase compression to run on 95, you get more performance and lesser fuel consumption. So where is the problem?


I know how to adapt a 91 to 95, it says ONLY. You can reduce consumption by changing gearing, and whole range of variables. Is there a penalty for not using 95?


Of course it is up to the host, but I can’t see why lower octane unleaded shouldn’t be allowed, as in this case it confers only a disadvantage to the entrant. The RP can simply be that regardless of the RON rating, the car is filled with 95 RON.


I was curious as well. A low quality 60° V6 is impossible.

Non-canon Straight-Six gang.


1992 DEVERRE Reliade 2.0 16v

Rear and side view


I dont see why there would be a penalty to use 91 octane. A car that was designed run 91 can run 95, it just wont be as optimised.

In regards to @thecarlover, the round is set in post soviet union eastern europe. Whats common and normal in the western world is not the same as what was common in the eastern bloc.