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[FINISHED] CSR 102 - A Free Decision


(half an hour later) The submissions are now open!

Obviously, DM the entries to @CorsicaUnknown
Reminder to not rush your entries again.


The 1992 Aria Theso Turbo.

Extra pics, ik you want them


A New Car for a New Era: 1992 Kepler Constellation VE


KGB Stealth
Redefining driving pleasure

Equipped with a premium interior and cassette player as standard.
Rear mounted 2.8L I-5 Turbo pushing 0-62 kph in under 6 seconds with a top speed of 160mph.
RRP $20,000


Reduit Automotive GSR 11 V6

More Car


1992 Morton Gazelle 32E

Model shown is finished in Stellar Silver Metallic and fitted with optional 4-speed automatic transmission.

Standard features include:

  • A stout, reliable 3.2-litre overhead-cam inline-6 tuned for low-end torque and superior economy throughout the rev range, making everyday driving a doddle.

  • 4-wheel disc brakes and fully independent suspension at all four wheels, configured to provide adequate stopping power and secure, comfortable handling in all situations.

  • A spacious interior with 5 full-size seats and an audio system incorporating an AM/FM radio and cassette tape player, making long journeys much more bearable.

  • Fully galvanized body and chassis with strategically placed alloy panels for optimum corrosion protection and reduced weight, thereby improving dynamics and economy, whilst also guaranteeing a long lifespan.

Please visit your nearest Morton dealership for test drive inquiries.


1992 UH OH




  1. aastal oli meie auto põhja tuul. Sellel on viis istekohta ja seal on palju sõpru ning sisseehitatud 5 mootor pakub suuremat võimsust ja jõudlust. Vedrustus pakub luksuslikku tunnet ja dünaamilist kontrolli, samas kui pehmed nahkistmed muudavad proletariaadi mugavaks. Osta odav auto täna ja teatage sellest hiljem.

In 1992, our car was the northern wind. It has five seats and can accommodate many friends and the built-in 5 engine offers more power and performance. The suspension offers a luxurious feel and dynamic control, while plush leather seats make the proletariat comfortable. Buy a cheap car today and report it later.

We are into the socialist no spy who are soviet we don't know who the russia is

The Usual

The Deets


1992 Bradford Alima (S2) RS Turbo

Photography of said car


1992 Kurokama AX-C


Queen Victoria - GRSI

Is it subtle?

I’d say so

Is it quick?

It’ll do 125mph, so pretty quick.

Is it a convertible?



The 1992 Stratum 230

The Stratum with it’s strong 2.3L four cylinder engine outputting 130hp at 5.800rpm will guarantee a comfortable and sporty ride not only for you, but up to 3 additional passengers!
Based on the well known QuMo R423, the new engine features now a multi-point fuel injection for increased fuel efficiency and smoother power delivery.

Combined is this potent power plant with a 4-speed automatic gearbox of the newest generation which let’s you glide along the coast, but also fly past on the highway.
Proof of that is the quick acceleration time of only 10,9s from 0 to 100km/h and a top-speed of 205km/h!

And you don’t have to sacrifice your hard earned money for spending it on the gas station, because the Stratum will get you where you want to be with an average fuel consumption of 11,6l/100km.

Don't wait to be overtaken by future, ride along in your own star!

Bad pics incoming




Ceder Alizé ZE Facelift :

Don’t Just Settle for Standard Buy the Standard.




You didn’t mistakenly enter CSR instead of CSC did you?



Nah, Batz offers a 100% Communism Free Warranty on request. (Assuming you refer to this : '72 Commie Sports Car Challenge )


:thinking: This could do the trick…


LEDs in 1992??


I was referring to this The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 8]?

Since that is awfully batty