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[FINISHED] CSR 102 - A Free Decision


To confirm, I will turn down the hosting opportunity to @yangx2. Thank you for the amazing round, Corsica! The writeups were excellent, the concept was great and considering this was your first time you were very impressive!


Oh man this has to be one of the best-written CSRs I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in! I really loved how you added cheeky m e t a jokes it’s another cute little car! and flawlessly incorporated Kei’s “used” entry. I already can’t wait to see you host again!

4th for a second time in a row, this is going to become a regular thing for me now, isn’t it


This is why the Alta brand died off in '95, didn’t make good enough cars for the family.

Excellent CSR @CorsicaUnknown.


Great found, Corsica! And not bad, I got 5th, certainly better than my previous rounds of CSR. Kinda disappointed I don’t get to host, but oh well haha.

Looking forward to the next one, and congrats to the winners!


I have no choice but to agree with you on this - and well done to @Keikyun for a well-deserved first win with a leftfield SUV entry that did everything right!


Sup guys! So looks like I’ll be hosting CSR 103. Nice. There’s a bit of a situation I’m in however. I’m still on-site working 3 hours away from home and stupid me decided to leave my personal laptop there. That means I’m not going to be able to get a few benchmarks ready until I return hopefully on Tuesday (worst case scenario Wednesday). I’ll have to ask you on this one. Do I…

  • Get the thread up today in the evening, leave PU and ET figures for when I’m back
  • Get the thread up tomorrow evening with PU and ET figures worked out

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Your input would be appreciated. Enjoy the work photo while you’re at it, thanks!


Looks like the stars aligned and everything worked out in the end. Here’s your thread