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[Finished] CSR 94 - I bless the blizzards down in Antarctica


2019 Wallys Grand Expedition Heavy Duty

Ready for anything

Powered by the legendary Commando 4.0 i6 (in Heavy Duty trim), it delivers a plenty of torque and power since low revs, combined with an extraordinary efficiency at all RPM range.

Ready to carry up to 5 persons plus 3178kg of load capacity, and with the included high range radio system and the QuadOptimax™ 4x4 system, you can go whathever you want easily and without issues.

And with the reinforced roof, you can carry a lot of things, and includes two rollable stairs on the D pillar to access easily to the roof.

Available for $18.303 at you Wallys dealership.


@Jaimz Thanks kind man for the help


and devs add lots of cool offroader bits after I submit ;(

gotta love the content updates though



There’s 2 days left for entries, but if you send at last minute, I might not be able to notice and tell you if you misread something that was in the requirements and would be an instabin, and I’ll probably take more to get yours done later as I can’t do any of its reviewing in advance. If you’re submitting from now on remember to double check your entry.

Also, I moved the deadline 2 hours later. I had meant to make it 7pm/19:00 but typed 17:00 lol. Well, it probably doesn’t change much but still.

Deadline: Thursday at 19:00 GMT -3



The original Pegasus Rambler style from 1953 was re-imagined in the nostalgic retro-style boom of the early 2000s; and in 2019, it’s been brought up to date. One of the original off-roaders, with a modern twist. In South America, the Rambler is marketed as the Nagoya Rambler, due to better brand recognition. Shown here, is the search and rescue package; loaded with all the equipment that National Parks on 5 different continents rely on, to get the job done. A naturally aspirated 4.0 liter pushrod V6 that’s reliable, as well as easy to maintain; as well as putting out 232 HP and 365 Nm of torque.


Modern Pick-Ups are just far too big…

  • High fuel consumption
  • Rather cumbersome
  • Too big to fit down some trails

Hence why LLA has kept producing the MightyMan since 1982, a small, reliable pickup designed to skip across terrain reliably and efficiently.

Starting at $8000 with the Premium Model shown above for $16488.


Schwarzburg X-Cross
Sending German quality to Antarctica



Yeah, I’ve noticed too! Hinges and what not. Well, I have to wait for the next challenge then


2019 RCM Prairie CX 4x4 Polar


There is gonna be a lot of reviewing for this guy.


ACA EcoFlow HD 4x4 Offroad Special

Go with the flow


Pffft this is nothing for a CSR. Some earlier ones had over 60 entries.


The Hawker Nemesis ExP (ExP = Explorer Package)
When real work is needed, people choose the Nemesis.
Featuring a hefty torque biased 4.4L inline 6 with over 300 ft-lbs of torque.
Close ratio 6 speed automatic with low speed transfer case and cabin button activated front and rear mechanical lockers.
Included offroad package with integrated safety lighting and protection bars.
Heavy duty suspension for towing medium duty loads. Over 3000 pounds payload.


2019 Tanaka Biome 3.6 TR

Now better and faster than the usual Biome…


In 2018, CMT released the Gaucho as a Medium Duty truck with heavy duty suspension.
Unlike the real Heav Duty trucks that are tortued on construction sites it features a monocoque and a very modern direct-injected engine but has a simple but very durable offroad suspension to work well under hard conditions.

Although its performing nice offroad, its capable of running decent on normal roads if needed. In case of Emergency, urgently needed goods can be delivered with a top speed of 200 kph although that is not too much fun with the Heavy Duty Suspension.
It fits four strong soldiers and carries them with surprising comfort, with an interior almost comparable to civillian versions, stil being somewhat cheaper with a reasonnable price tag of 23.000$.

CMT Gaucho 2600 MUV - the rough Gentleman


very nice design. Looks brilliant.


Grehet Kono

*Antarctic package shown

when you need to keep going, and going, and going, and still need to do more

fecking finally found a way to make those ‘door steps’ on bigger vehicles. not perfect. but i’m satisfied


Cyanide Motors 2016 Husky (2019 Arctic Custodian version)

Cyanide Motors presents version of the Husky utility vehicle adapted for use in arctic climate. The Arctic Custodian was originally built for use in the region of the Barents Sea, now this 2019 revision is coming south.

  • specially modified NA engine built for reliability and efficiency.
  • 6 seats, the back row can be folded to provide additional storage space within the cabin
  • load capacity of over 1500kg
  • towing capacity of over 2600kg
  • a set of working lights front and rear
  • reverse sensors and camera
  • Arctic Utility Package (insulation, heating, 24V conversion)

Available from 26 215$.