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[Finished] CSR 94 - I bless the blizzards down in Antarctica


2019 Rudyard Camacho

It’s tough.


When does this end again?


Submissions are now open


Remember to check your entries! No need to rush them. There’s lots of time, and there were a few rule changes to the post (Cat now mandatory, Trim ET reduced, a bit more explanation here and there). Deadline is in a week!

Deadline: 07/03 at 19:00 GMT -3 (click for a countdown, independent if your time zone)

Also, good luck!


2019 Honghu Yulin

Might as well get this in here as it continues to be tweaked.

Actual Not Propaganda



2019 Martin-Wagner Outrunner AE (Antarctic Edition)

Used by the German Antarctic research team, as well as the Bundeswehr, the MW Outrunner is proven to be a tough, efficient animal in it’s job, thanks to it’s proven German engineering and Martin Wagner’s superb reliability.

Powered by an reliable 3.0 turbocharged L6 (pictured), or a 4.0 turbodiesel L6, and equipped with all the kit for the toughest terrains, the Outrunner is ready for anything in it’s lead.

Prices starts at $27,919. 20% rebate if you order at least 5 of them. Free service charges for the first 3 months.

Martin-Wagner - The Pursuit of Joy



Sporty and Fun! The MEN MXD-S, with available 180 Horsepower turbo petrol engine!

Starting from around $16,000!


Still working on an entry. Have a few ideas floating around. Here’s one potential competitor. Let’s get some vans in here, eh?


Van gang




Cruise across icebergs in comfort.


Ahaha, Explorer SportTrac reference I love it


Yes… a reference.

Not a rip-off or anything


Love it.


Time to get some snow all over this black…


Totally not going to try and make my own fancy gif now



Engine? Who cares, it’s reliable
Chassis? Who cares, it works offroad well
Suspension? Again, who cares, it just works offroad well
Comfort? It’s an offroad utility vehicle
Reliability? Yup
Practicality? Yup
Price? Reasonable

This is the Rumbler.


It is now done. Please welcome…

More !


Kazume’s first CSR appearance, here to probably fail do its best!

Taillights are Impossible




Why take unproven and untested machinery and make it work in the Antarctic Desert, when you can have the known and proven workhorse of many nations and teams. Designed and adapted specifically to conquer all sorts of cold climates and rough terrain, the Theron is a thoroughbred work horse specifically for places man has yet to conquer.

Powered by a 3.2L Turbocharged Inline 5, and more than enough modifications and ruggedness to take you anywhere, the Theron CC-RT is all you need.

Buy Now for only $27,000 (Rounded Value)


The 2019 Masada Vortex
Antarctic Edition

Designed specifically for traversing the brutal Arctic landscape, powered by a tough turbocharged inline 6 cylinder engine, producing 250 horsepower and 288 lb-ft (390 nm) of torque!

Featuring many off-road features such as a manually locking front and rear differential, high groud clearance, and 4x4 capabilities! No terrain is safe from the Vortex!

Plenty of included auxiliary lights will light up the night on those long, cold nights.

The Vortex will conquer any weather, no matter how rough, it is made from a durable and rugged steel, that has been treated to resist all types of weather.

Buy yours today for only $25,000 and take home one of the toughest and most capable trucks to date!

The 2019 Masada Vortex

This was my first CSR, I hope you enjoy my creation!