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Firebird Motor Company (Remastered) - 1961-1964 Venturian


This thread is essentially a remake of the Firebird Motor Company I made in November. I’ve decided to create a new, more cohesive timeline.
Firebird Motor Company was founded on July 19, 1916, in Detroit, Michigan. It’s founder, William Mathews, wanted to create a company that competed with other mainstream makes, while offering a touch of premium choices.


1st Gen Firebird Venturian (1957-1958)

A 1958 Venturian Deluxe (Red) and A 1959 Venturian Country Crusier Coupe


2nd Gen Firebird Venturian (1959-1960)

1959 Firebird Venturian Sport Sedan

New For 1959

  • A new sleek, aerodynamic body.
  • An all-new X-frame that supports the new body.
  • Parking brake lights are now standard.
  • A new Fireball V8 that makes 250 HP.


1960 Firebird Venturian Hardtop Sedan

New For 1960

  • Fog lights are now available as an option.
  • Chrome hood strip is now body-colored (I know, its hard to see in the photo).
  • Optional two-tone hardtop.


The Venturian brings to mind an early '60s Impala - the fins have definitely shrunk compared with just a few years earlier. But the best thing about it is this:

With that much power, it would have been easy to consider it a forerunner to the muscle car movement that took hold in the mid-sixties.


1961-1964 3rd Gen Firebird Venturian

1961 Firebird Venturian Sport Sedan
New For 1961

  • An “extensive” refresh of the second generation’s platform.
  • The hardtop sedan from the previous generation is now discontinued.
  • The Fireball V8 gains an extra 6HP, bringing the total up to 256HP.
  • The two-tone option that came with the sedan is eliminated.


1963 Firebird Venturian NT Sedan
New For 1963 & 1964

  • A revised front-end (The turn signal lights are relocated to underneath the headlights).
  • Full-carpeting is now available on the base model.
  • Automatic front and rear windows are available as an option on Sport Sedan Trims.


1964 Firebird Venturian Supreme Crusier
New For 1964

  • A chrome strip placed above the headlights and grille.
  • A new color, Sea Green, is now available with a bronze-colored roof.
  • Bronze wheel caps are also available.