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Fit for a Funeral


When you go to test track on the final tab, this is where you look.

The literal loading capacity.


Rules As Written don’t require a catalytic converter nor does that benefit our scores(except for loudness). Is it fine if I follow the words to the letter?


Yep, it’s an oversight on my behalf but I don’t think there’s any advantage to be gained either way so go for it!


Ehh. cost savings and extra power don’t hurt.


It can hurt the world


The Fleetline XS. car you can count on.

equipped with a 8 liter turbocharged I6. Yes it was a truck engine, and no, we didn’t have a more suitable engine.


Also a top speed of 180 is nice


8 Liter hearse

Did someone order an express delivery?


Well shit, now I gotta make my 6L v16 even larger I’m thinkin 10L


You seem to have forgotten maximum PU values for the variant and trim… And does the $30k maximum price include a markup?


PU is free :slight_smile: $30k is 0% markup (I’ll make that clear in the OP)


I hope not! despite its displacement it really isn’t that fast since it weighs 4500 pounds, has long gearing with few gears and is made for efficiency. takes about 7.5 seconds to get to 60mph. It’s fast for a hearse but there are plenty of other wagons that are much faster.


I feel a little underpowered with a 10.9s 0-60 SUV… should I be worried?


Look at the scoring criteria :slight_smile:


I think mines weighing in at about 5000lbs at this point and it does 0-60 in like 9 seconds


Nah, you’ll be fine, probably better off with a less powerful car.


I think it’s time for my sub. I hope you guys like it!


Strength. Security. Stability. The right choice.

Sophisticated. Sensible. Superior. Something you can depend on.

Pragmatic. Serious. Bengal

Break convention. Make a statement. Drive Electi.

Model shown Bengal Legatus+, RRP $29261,- 0% finance available, subject to status.

Technical Specifications

Model: Bengal
Trim: Legatus+
Engine: i5 3300cc turbocharged DOHC
Drivetrain: 7sp DCT w/All-Trac AWD
Rated fuel consumption: 7.3l/100km / 38.7 UK MPG
Acceleration: 10s 0-60
V-max: 220km/h / 136mph
Kerb weight: 2137kg
Load capacity: 919kg
Towing cpacity: 2106kg


Man, this post is more dead than the guy in the back of the hearse


Yes if noone posts anything on a thread for a day, it must be dead…


Keep in mind that this challenge has a sub deadline of 26th OCT, there will be like 2 more CSR rounds until Flamers will get subs processed.


Given that much of Europe (including Britain) uses 95 RON as the minimum standard for petrol, your mandate for 91 RON seems a bit out of place… But I’m happy to have it left as it is.