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Fit for a Funeral


Damn, 36 ET is low. None of my engines with direct injection can get that.


That’s why ye gotta go with quad 4 barrel carbs


It’s more for the challenge, why not make things harder? :slight_smile:


That’s what I’m doin tryin a put a v16 in this thing within the 36 month restriction


just a 6 liter straight six here… I’m making a funeral bus


I gotta say this is one of the more fun challenges - it’s relaxed enough to take the edge off but challenging enough to make you scratch your head.


The Collins Coachworks Chariot Hearse

Powered by a six liter inline six cylinder engine, the CC Chariot provides 300 horsepower and 375 foot pounds of torque. Its ladder frame and rear leaf spring suspension enables it to carry 3,000 pounds, and its robust construction, both engine and body provide it with great reliability. Hydropneumatic suspension provides a good ride no matter the leaf springs, and there are three separate cabins for each group – the family, the driver, and the deceased. These can, of course, be adjusted with the press of a button.

The Chariot offers stunning looks, rear wheel drive, and a proven engine on top of a capable chassis. The limousine can carry and tow more than twice its own weight, and its eight speed transmission means it’ll never have to be above two thousand revolutions per minute. Combined with the soundproofing in place, this means the mourning party will not hear a thing until they arrive. The Chariot offers comfort, utility and a low price, starting at thirty thousand dollars. You can order one now at 413-555-8092, or on Collins Coachworks’ website at www.collinscoach.net.

FFAF - Collins Coachbuilders Chariot - Hearse Limo Clone.car (25.3 KB)


what’s it’s track time just curious?


2 hours 53 minutes 30 seconds

but really 2:53.30


It’s embarrassing to be late. Whether you’re late to school, late to work, late to dinner, being late ruins everyone’s day. Now imagine how embarrassing it is, on an already bad day, if the funeral parlor is late. First, you have the still silence. Then Uncle Joe cracks the joke and says, “I always told him, he’d be late for his own funeral.” Then there’s the polite half-laughing, followed by the brawl in the cemetery.

Don’t let this happen to you or anyone you know. Make sure your funeral home uses a Sinistra Ceremonial for their hearse.

With authentic wire wheels and a premium interior, the family can ride in comfort while the deceased is ferried to the cemetary, and the far beyond, in record time. With our trusty front-wheel-drive transaxle, the driver has it easy, even with our reliable and trusty 662 cubic inch V8 under the hood. In use since 1971, this mighty V8 guarantees you won’t be late.

For the funeral parlor, the low loading gate allows easier transfer of the coffin, and the stout multi-link rear suspension offers excellent road handling and comfort without sacrificing load capacity. Whether the deceased was as thin as a rail or as big as a whale, the Ceremonial can carry them to their final destination in peace. And while we don’t have fancy suspension, our tried-and-true progressive rate springs and gas mono-tube dampers guarantee the deceased arrives in peace, not in pieces.

With a 0-60 time of a little over 6.6 seconds, and a top speed electronically limited at 118 MPH, the Ceremonial is fast enough to prevent delays, while electronic assists and a strong safety package keeps the driver and passengers from being delivered beyond the pearly gates if an accident should happen.


FFAF - Slenderman - Black Suit.car (36.9 KB)

Cerberus presents the all new slenderman, the perfect ride for any grieving party who does not want to be disturbed by anything outside of the loss of their loved one. 
 Featuring the quietest, smoothest v16 that we have every made, mated to a noiseless 7 speed automatic gear box to provide the most silent ride for those lamenting. Built on a soft multi link suspension to provide maximum comfort for those inside while keeping out all those disturbing bumps in the road. 
 It comes with a luxurious interior and large amounts of sound proofing ensuring that nothing can upset those mourning within the vehicle. Having a load capacity of over 3400 lbs makes absolutely sure that however many people are in the car it never gets bogged down.
In the end, we will all meet our end, so why not make those who miss you comfortable.


I don’t know why it’s doing that but what ever.


Out of curiosity, would a pickup truck be an acceptable vehicle type? If you think about it, it would make a fantastic hearse. Easy loading and unloading, lots of space for long coffins (with an 8 foot bed). Honestly, I’m surprised they don’t use them IRL.


Theres this thing called rain.


Yep. There’s also this thing called a camper shell.


Shell on for work, shell off for the weekend hunt! Best of both worlds.


I have a feeling that V16 will do remarkably.


until you actually look at how it’s made it looks pretty good yes


I mean it’s probably a lot smoother than my massive six cylinder.


Yes, but I bet yours is cheaper, more fuel efficient, weighs less, and probably has a lot better throttle response