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FITE ME Part 3: Modern Hypercar (postponed due to UE4 changes. RERUN PENDING)


Thanks I hate it.


Now we have a proper interior mod to use in the cars , strop :yum:
Btw, you had a car named Sleipnir too, right?


Correct, though it was built in the Kee days and I never had a chance to update it for UE4. The “design” was kind of crazy, so I’m not sure exactly how I’d go about it yet. But maybe I will…

Judgement Round 1: The Walkaround Part 10

So the worst case scenario has happened folks. I had to update my Steam client, and when I did this, Automation sneakily attempted to update. I stopped it, but then it refused to open without me finishing the update.

As far as I can tell, this has stuffed the MDHL mod, plus probably a few more. I’ll have to cross-reference photos as submitted in the thread.

On the plus side, I already looked at almost all of the remaining cars. There are only 6 left. The problem is that my ugly screenshots are going to be missing some parts and will not do the designs justice. Please bear with me.

Legore Mannaro

Choice quote from @mythrin:

the final dance of our 6-litre V12 in it’s most powerful iteration

Not giving me much to work with here! Let’s just get into it.


As mentioned the MDHL lights got stuffed. The original photo looked like so:

For some strang reason this makes me think of something between a whale shark and a catfish. Interesting structure, but not a bad one. Strong shapes and impressions from the get go.

The vent on the hood is a little odd. I’m not positive I’d know how to direct air going through there. But that’s a minor note.

Fairly convincing, if not perfectly constructed side panel. I can see the visual rationale for leaving a large blank space, but I’m just not convinced that it’s… fully convincing. More on this later.


I apologise. The lights have gone missing. For the record, even without them, this is still a pleasantly striking and tightly constructed rear end.

Getting some real Speedtail vibes here, so if that was what you were going for, well done. It works. I don’t have any complaints, but the reason I picked this specific angle is simply to mention that you may wish to use Chickenbiscuit’s shape moulding mods for transparent windows instead of the Negatape.

Now, to go back to that thing I mentioned earlier:


I can see what you were shooting for. This is a tricky one to fully achieve because due to the border of that vent, which is the appropriate shape, the border forces me to suspend a certain disbelief that the body was sculpted in such a way so the flow between the side and the top is not disrupted. That’s hard, especially when this body has a big sharp ridge. It works better on bodies which are more rounded such as the Mclaren body which I used to make Mercury. I was kind of able to pull a similar (but inverted) effect off on the LaFerrari body which also has a sharp angle but that took a lot of weird trickery.


As mentioned:


Don’t ask me why, that was just the immediate impression :joy: Actually I wanted to put a moustache on the whale shark lol


Pretty slick for a catfish


Looks like a finely honed sword:

But actually it is a bit chipped when you look closely, but just a little



Excellent use of thematic material


Weird analogies aside, this is a visually compelling package (when the mods weren’t stuffed).

It’s in.

RJM Bulgasari Track Pro Edition

Choice quote from @titleguy1

The only reason I’m submitting early is because I will be drunk all day and will forget to enter something before the deadline ends.

Some quotes don’t age well. I would know, I’ve made several myself.



Holy shit this looks aggressive on an older body. All those ridges and lines and interlocked shapes…

…but it doesn’t actually sculpt or alter the shape of the body itself. Granted, this model comes from 2014, making it one of the oldest models in the lineup. And the real sculpting crazy business didn’t really come around until after that.

I’m not entirely certain of all the shapes in here work together, but it’s certainly aggressive.

The original Bulgasari had a tapered lip and a streamlined look (even before the Speedtail came out). This here however ditches that for a GT style wing but I actually think it loses a bit of something as a result. like the front there’s a heap of ridges and lines and what one might call a “functional” aesthetic but maybe it’s just a bit too fussy. I’m also not certain about the exhaust placement.

But contrast that with the top and there’s barely anything going on up above!


Just spraypaint it pearl blue


It’s all about the grille

haha I fucking love stock photo websites


There is focus on detail:

And then there is focus on detail

source: Zhang Huan– Family Tree (2000)


Makes about as much sense as cramming poor people into overpopulated ultra-high density dorms while rich people get all the room they want.

Oh wait.


It’s blocked well for the most part, but the details are very busy, to the point of being overly fussy. I kind of prefer the original version.

But for our purposes, this is good enough, so it goes in.

RJM Project RT4 SuperTrack

jesus Evan, your naming struggles haven’t let up much have they

Choice quote from @titleguy1:

you can try this POS out too

Oh boy I love pieces of shit



Immediately this stands out as more daring, more aggressive, given the full body treatment. I’m told it is unfinished and I should treat it as much. You’re right. It does look unfinished but what it has so far is good.

Look at it, I don’t know if it 100% meshes together but that shape cutting is sharp as heck. I think of this as a canvas of ideas more than anything else


The unfinished-ness continues, though I genuinely cannot tell if this is also because some of my mods broke thanks to the update.

Plenty aggressive, but still a bit fussy with all the shapes that kind of clash.

Once again, you do like to leave the roof out of the noise don’t you!



What’s really in your face aggressive, but also raw and unfinished, and also full of conflicting ideas that both mesh and don’t mesh so the whole thing sounds both vaguely incomprehensible but also makes for an amazing headbang sesh?


Meshuggah’s album Nothing, but the 2002 version because they had all of 3 days to mix and master the whole thing because they decided to play Ozzfest on a whim.



See comments about Meshuggah


Yeah it’s quite rough. But I actually like the idea better than the Bulgasari, so I kind of have the same situation as with Riley: where I like the idea on one car better but the execution on the other is the one that passes.

Maybe we can discuss where to go with it, since the cars are gonna have to be rebuilt to be properly converted into a Beam mod anyway…

Only 3 this time, because the next post will have the last 3 entries in it. Woohoo!


Okay WOOO!

I’m not gonna be able to unsee the catfish thing now :pensive:,but still, woohoo.


Judgement Part 1: The Walkaround 11

Here is the final set of cars. This makes for a total of 46 entries, if my math is right.

Tristella Cygnus

Choice quote from @Xepy:

Some final updates to the car, mostly due to Automation changing versions

Ugh, talking about version changes. I suspect this car is going to get hit hard.


Actually so far so good, and definitely very good. Open disclosure: I already pre-approved this car during the pre-submission window, and I see absolutely no reason to change my mind.

Look at the subtle touches of the headlights and the shape cutting. Looks even better here than it does on a Mclaren to be frank.

It’s not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but what it is doing is working very well to create a good flow.


I could think of a couple of other ways to approach this that would boost the “radical” rating but Xepy specifically said he was going for a cleaner, elegant approach.

I can’t remember what the roofline looked like specifically and therefore whether the blips on the front windshield were intentional. Either way you can see a simple approach is favoured to create stronger line.


Well you know what’s coming:



Except to be honest the elegance actually creates a car distinct from the Lambo approach, so well done.





Some extremely fine work in here


In focusing on defined flowing shapes from big picture to detail, this is one of the most coherent entries in this lineup


If I gotta go hard on a bitch, I’ma make it look sexy
I pull up, hop out, air out, made it look sexy
They won’t take me out my element

Xepy is in his element. It goes without saying it’s in.

Astora Spyder

Choice quote from @Xepy:

definitely less of a traditional hypercar. Messed around with this car a bit for the RR

you have my full attention :eyes:


Oh, uh.

That paintjob is something. I’m ignoring the errant patches on the windshield as I assume something stuffed up.

That aside, there’s some skill in the crafting of the lower fascia (though I’m pretty sure that it’s not great aerodynamic wisdom). Right now though, for attempting to not look like a Porsche, there’s an unmistakable Cayman flavour about it.

Some strong parallels with Yuri’s entry are emerging here, and unfortunately this also means so are the issues.

Here, the window sill line is higher and so the proportion issue of the roofline is less severe, but it’s still there. If anything now it looks like there’s too much body and the whole thing is quite tall.


There’s some Xepy staples in this approach. I like the way the rear arches are sculpted here but I’m just not sure it actually fits the body.

You can see why I drew parallels to Yuri’s entry what with that rear window. What I would have liked was if the entire roofline could be somehow lowered, but that would have required turning this into a convertible and just been a lot of work… if at all possible.



Now in extreme low-res lololol


Not sure why this reminded me of Lego cars hmmmmmmmmm


Just because something makes sense doesn’t mean that it makes good sense, let’s just say that.


This is quite painful, because it has a brave ideas, and is also one of the lightest cars with a stupid high power to weight ratio which makes it one of the most attractive cars to tune and drive. However I will also add, and this doesn’t affect the judgement, but I will add that I had problems making super light rear-engined cars work i.e. not completely blow the wheels on spawn and it took a lot of node fuckery to make it work. But no amount of tricks I can use seems to help make the car work at just 850kg.

But back to the looks, this car suffers from the same problems as Yuri’s: the proportions are just really hard to reconcile and the overall size makes it look mostly like a toy car. A fairly garish one at that.

So with much regret I’m going to say this one doesn’t pass to the next stage but not for lack of skill or bravery.

Xepy’s :wastebasket: count: 0

Iurlaro Victoria

Choice quote from @NormanVauxhall:

Now I’m really happy to abandon such complicated cars (modern hypercars) and I can go back doing autoshite
and 60’s BfB cars (boners for boomers).

That’s the Norman we know and love :joy:

Okay so what do we have here…



Oh god I’m gonna, I’m goona


coooooooooooooooom :eggplant: :sweat_drops: :weary:

catches breath

A bit plainer on the roof, which may seem a bit incongruous but this is a front-engined coupe so the approach is different in general. I actually wondered whether it might be appropriate to use a vortex generator or something but it would have ruined the lines.

Well okay look I think the car fairly speaks for itself for the most part so let’s just get into it.


Just imagine all the best parts of the following combined:


And then this is what you get:

Warning, NSFW image


You might want to hover on the link before clicking



Just a bit more; it is verging on perfection.


Arguably I’ve saved the best for last. This is pornography.

I’ll brb after I apply burnshield to my penis.



sike actually I needed to apply Burnshield to my butthole because I made a plate of nachos today but the nachos were liberally dusted with smoked Carolina Reaper…

Judgement Round 1: The Roundup

The following are the cars I’ll be taking to the next round and checking how they were built (in Automation):

@yangx2 Honghu Fenghuang
@Lazar EFI Shuuko
@MrChips FABEL Sport Météore RS
@mekilljoydammit + @MrChips EMS Durandal
@Sky-High Zephorus Amida
@hipiracing Sturm Typhoon Ultra
@Tsundere-kun Yamaguchi Fujin
@Arvok1 @Lordred Alsar Sleipnir
@Chickenbiscuit LMC Euryale
@OME Medusa M12 Blackbird
@chiefzach2018 Zacspeed Zenith
@kookie EMAS Ultima
@Dorifto_Dorito ACA Starfighter
@Mythrin Legore Mannaro
@titleguy1 RJM Bulgasari Track Pro Edition
@Xepy Tristella Cygnus
@NormanVauxhall Iurlaro Victoria

So this makes a total of 17 cars from an initial field of 46. Not bad even if I had to drop the standards a bit

Now, fun part, and this will have a bit (but not much) of an impact on judging in the next round, if I were to show you my aggregate scores for all the styling out of 100, here’s where everybody stands…

User Model Style Points
Xepy Tristella Cygnus 98
NormanVauxhall Iurlaro Victoria 98
Arvok1 Alsar Sleipnir 93
OME Medusa M12 Blackbird 92
chiefzach2018 Zacspeed Zenith 86
MrChips FABEL Sport Météore RS 85
Mythrin Legore Mannaro 84
mekilljoydammit + MrChips EMS Durandal 83
Dorifto_Dorito ACA Starfighter 83
Chickenbiscuit LMC Euryale 82
kookie EMAS Ultima 81
Lazar EFI Shuuko 78
titleguy1 RJM Bulgasari Track Pro Edition 74
hipiracing Sturm Typhoon Ultra 73
Sky-High Zephorus Amida 71
yangx2 Honghu Fenghuang 70
Tsundere-kun Yamaguchi Fujin 70


@strop Alsar Sleipnir is from me and @Lordred
and wow
im really :OOOOOOOOOOOOO the Sleipnir ended in third in the design competition


I knew the 911 body was a risky move that was either going to get discarded here or discarded next round. But I think with the Cygnus doing as well as it is (which I’m super happy about), it was worth a try for something different.


Wack. Well i guess i can count myself out of this one.

I would say I hope there’s another one soon, but my skills have dropped massively because I haven’t been playing, and to be honest, choosing from like 4 bodies is anoyying so maybe next time this happens there is a bit more variety.

Good luck to the rest of you!


I’m waiting to see how the next stage of judging goes too, tbh. I was pretty happy with performance.


Breaking news!

Sike, sorry, I’m still too busy to actually open Automation. It’ll come back to it when I settle in my next job which starts tomorrow so gimme like another week.

In the meantime though @MrChips served me up some cream pie on my face so I now need to lick it all up make an amendment to my judgement of his FABEL.


I took issue with his flag arrangement, not knowing that it was on fact technically correct.

On the plus side this didn’t affect overall judgement, so I guess I only got half the proverbial bukkake.


Three months later

Yeah you’d be absolutely forgiven for thinking this died. Due to COVID flaring up again the week after I got to me next job things got a bit topsy-turvy and I literally forgot to make an announcement about what was happening until someone DMed me on a tangent LMAO

So due to the UE4 update from a little while back breaking all the mods, plus some rebalancing changes, most of the cars got messed up and I was unable to restore most of them to anything resembling their original tune. That will obviously mess up the judging.

The only real solution I have here is to invite the people who got through to resubmit, but it’ll only be worth doing when the new method of fixture stamping comes out as that will give so much more versatility, which means that a lot of players will probably significantly change their designs, which raises the question as to whether there’s any point to keeping the current results.

I’m therefore tempted to say I’m going to have to abandon this current run and start it anew and slightly refined, uhhhhh, probably next year as there’s no point me continuing as is when the game’s going to change in some major ways in the coming months anyway. Especially since the name of this series is “Fight Me” which means I have to actually build my cars again as well. There’s also the fact I have pretty much stopped playing all videogames because I got sucked into a really good game of D&D but don’t worry about that

Apologies for the inconvenience, thanks for your patience, comments welcome etc.


No worries, It was certainly a massive challenge to take on. You’re right about rerunning it, since soon we’ll have 3d fixture placement and engine revamps (which might make things a little more spicey). I thouroughly enjoyed it anyway, even if it was cut short.


Nice, i’ve improved light years since i made the mess that was the Halcón. I may even bring back the Penumbra, Or maybe a new Longsword. Or i may try to redo the Halcón’s concept, but better.
Anyway, I’m looking forward to this.


Oh well, these things happen.

You know now I’m going to have to try to find yet more lap time, right?


OMG…analogue gaming!!! :rofl:


revive this

just remember this exists, openbeta could make the challenge much better with the new 3D fixtures


We’re going to have the forced induction update in stable build before this challenge gets off the ground again lmao


we’re gonna have grand campaign lol