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FITE ME Part 3: Modern Hypercar (postponed due to UE4 changes. RERUN PENDING)


Oh, also; Are megacars allowed, or is that too meme-y?


At this rate it’s just gonna be an airbrake, I suspect, unless there’s a way to bind a button to also reduce the angle. That would be supercool, but also getting a bit complicated.

So basically if you want the feature in the Beam car, you have to have it in Automation. If you don’t use the Active Aero option in Automation then your car will not have a moving wing in Beam.

Yeah this is a really hard thing to solve lol. I was hoping to make it such that we could designate non-wing fixtures as effective aero (doable) and then animate those but right now we are only able to rotate the entire fixture, which makes it hard to look good. It may not be entirely possible, I know, for example, that I would have a very hard time getting it to work on Lilith and Jormungandr.

On this note I know that Joker was also working on importing hydraulic suspensions but I’m fairly certain we’ll never be able to get an Active Sport suspension working as intended.

Yes, considering that one of my benchmark cars has over 2000hp and a power to weight ratio of 1kw per kilogram. Ludicrous power is welcome… again as long as the package deal makes sense (a quoted fuel consumption figure of over 30L/100km for example may become prohibitive, especially when it comes to Beam driving…)


is this allowed?


Everything is allowed.

It’s just that designs that require me to suspend my disbelief to the point I start believing all of Trump’s tweets obviously won’t make the grade.

Edit: should clarify that I guess the car should conform to some basic design rules to be “road legal”. I’m still iffy on allowing “track only” cars even if some of these road legal cars are proof of concept in name only. Such design rules would include:

  • wings and splitter dimensions should not exceed the lateral footprint of the car. I will make some allowances for a little bit of rear overhang and a bit more front protrusion otherwise our part selection may become highly limited but definitely a wing wider than the car body is a big no-no.
  • exhaust tips must not protrude beyond the bodywork (by more than a couple of inches, again slight allowances made due to parts selection)
  • working headlights and tail lights. For aesthetics sake you do NOT need to make separate amber indicators and reflectors unless required in your jurisdiction
  • mirrors are optional if you have other visibility aids (e.g. cameras)

I also need to point out there are a few broken bodies with overly low Cd, and unless they’re fixed we’ll need to exclude them because they’ll cause severe imbalances in the metric.


So, I was looking at real world mid 20 teens supercars/hypercars for performance benchmarks.
The two big tracks that we can judge against a long list of cars are the nurburgring aka “green hell” and top gear power lap aka “airport track”

Seems like green hell times in the 6:40-6:50 range would be among the fastest real world productions cars, and for the airport 1:12-1:14 would be the fastest production cars, with 1:06-1:09 laps being made by non road legal track only cars.

Given the reputation of GG cars do you think you could give some idea of how far past the performance level of real life cars yours are. I know this isn’t about a straight apples to apples comparison regarding lap times, but I think it would be a bit easier to understand the level of capability that is expected of these entries compared to their IRL counterparts.

I’m building mine as more of a “budget” all rounder, not that $300,000 is really budget, but with a non zero (though still low) comfort, easy drivability, >22.5mpg (us), it’s already at a track performance level that puts it past $500,000 IRL cars. I’m just wondering if the cars we should be benchmarking against are Lamborghinis, Paganis, and McLarens, or if there’s another level beyond that we are aiming for.


Before I do that I’ll let you know there’s an issue with the Airfield track in that it’s actually too fast. I reckon that it’s actually a good 10% faster than it ought to be. This said other tracks are slower than they’re supposed to be which is why I said we’ll be using semi slicks but on Airfield maybe that is the accurate one after all haha.

So with that said on semi slicks you may see benchmark times be about 3 seconds faster than expected. I’ll run my cars around later but be warned they’re all going to be zero- low comfort and fairly optimized so I don’t expect them to be beaten except by high downforce track models!


And what about using a modded track? Doesn’t have to be real, just serves as a good benchmark.

Also, about the protruding wings and exhausts. Do the exhausts count if they’re on top of the car? They’re still connected by automation pipes and stuff, and if the wheel arches are bigger than the wings then all should be good?

I’ll post a photo here of what I’m worried about later (below)
As you can see, exhausts are on top, and wings are near enough inline with the arches (and extends a little over the rear body)
Could i have a verdict on this please? :smile:


yeah that’ll be fine!

Which one(s)?


I’m not really sure since I don’t use them, but I do remember certain challenges using them, like a drag strip, or the goodwood hillclimb. Just since these otherones are a bit “false” why not use something else entirely. Just to spice it up :man_shrugging:


I’ll review that down the line.

who knows if I have enough time I may even make my own Trial Mountain if one hasn’t already been done here, then I can time trial vs Beam too heh

Okay some initial benchmarks then. Keep in mind they’re not optimised for pure lap times. One is low power (only 474hp), one has actual road manners, and the other is tuned to go 500km/h.

2020 Kelpie

(the small brapper from CSR116 but this is a track tune and I can’t decide whether to keep the AWD or not)

ATT: 1:53.60
Airfield: 1:08.12
Green Hell: 7:04.07 (I’m not happy with this yet, but it is what it is at the moment)

2017 Lilith

(810hp with some comfort and actual road manners. The aero of the Automation body is all kinds of broken causing weird handling problems so the times may be a bit janky)

ATT: 1:53.14
Airfield: 1:08.19
Green Hell: 6:57.01

2015 Mercury

(the 500km/h 1kW/kg car you could drive on the road but you probably wouldn’t dare)

ATT: 1:50.48
Airfield: 1:06.31
Green Hell: 6:39.25


Cool, thank you for the perspective Strop, I was getting a little speed obsessed on my build, I’ve backed off a lot on the track focus from the screenshots I took before. For those I had the bit in my mouth (as it’s said) and was shooting hard for the edge of the envelope, in the images I posted, using a CF monocoque, I was cracking into the 1:40’s on the ATT, which is clearly far faster than it needs to be, so I can dial back a bit and work on comfort and road behavior now.

Oh just as a note to anyone who doesn’t already know, if you size your turbos as such that the airflow chart gives either the compressor or turbine a .86 or lower restriction (medium orange color) they will start to overheat in beamNG on high speed runs, even with extensive engine cooling.


I’ll throw my hat into the ring with the Durendal 1F. Aussie company that began making Mad Max Interceptor replicas, the owner always wanted something more:


Rear could be… more nuanced. Not criticizing, I think it could evolve into something that looks far better than the original. For example, my first concept vs. my current prototype (still a WIP):


Current (as of 12/29):

It’s a process, and we have a lot of time to go through that process


I’m still working on the exhaust placement for mine too though I like your triple stack, once I’m back from vacation I’m going to try and see how a top exit looks on the banshee.
https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/g6583/11-zaniest-looking-factory-exhausts/ some inspiration for everyone else.

and definitely still working on the rear window.


Yeah I’ll update this with some more detailed guidelines and also offer preliminary advice in how much work may be required to make the styling cut sometime in the new year. Will not be opening this for a couple weeks yet.


Welp, I’m quite new to fine tuning cars so I’ve got a question: How do you add more rear grip without enlarging rear tires? I have a feeling that it might be due to a little too much power but 1300 HP isn’t stupidly too much right?


Weight balance, sway bars, spring stiffness, F to R spring ratio, downforce balance, gearing, differential, choice, chassis rigidity…

1300 is a lot for a RWD car to put down, I’m running about 1360 with about a 25%/75% awd system and I’m still showing heavy wheel spin up to around 100mph.


For beam I wouldn’t use RWD if i had more than 750hp probably, strops only managed 860 or something and that was with a lot of jbeam editing. I have a little more power than you do, running 40/60R AWD. If you were going to try and make it RWD I’d say goodluck because it’s just not that sensible.

Also, tyres are the main thing that increase straight up grip. You can tune the suspension to make it slightly softer at the back, this’ll make the car “squat” as it were. Gearing is the main thing, have your first gear go to around 60mph, maybe up to 65 and remember, Automation “wheelspin” is calculated by just wacking the throttle and keeping it pinned, Strop has a little more sense than that so you should be ok.



One of my benchmarks has 2120hp and is RWD.

But indeed it’s hard to control (in fact my car with less than 1/4 the power can match it for lap times…yes in a way I’m nerfing myself because lore) and I did edit the .jbeam to limit boost in the lower gears. In fact in that car I’m going to make the boost limits fully customisable so it can still blast up the drag strip heh heh heh. This is something I’ll do if needed and wanted among other things.

This is fine if you are making a dragster but be wary that overly soft suspsension up rear will make handling unpredictable. This is especially the case for sway bars. And if your car is mid or rear engined, it’ll just roll around all over the place and spit the tail out every time you brake lol.

With the new update sporty cars exported as is also now roll too much so it seems. Before they didn’t roll enough but the upshot is I’ll probably also have to look at tweaking even this just to match what kind of driving characteristic you want. So for now just concentrate on making the automation car handle and we’ll think about the rest if it makes it that far.

The other caveat is that ultra high power cars with AWD feel shocking in beam due to tyre and wheel shake when wheels are being powered and steering. This is an export specific issue and I’m not sure what the fix is as we suspect it’s a physics and geometry thing. Don’t let this affect your decision about AWD vs RWD as at the very least I can mitigate weird behaviour by tuning the diffs (if you leave the diffs open though may God help you because I won’t lol).


Testing my new car quickly i found that ESC helped a lot and didn’t dampen the power much if at all. And i’ll agree with the cars are now too soft, but a little bit of toe in from the beam editor helps a lot.