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FITE ME Part 3: Modern Hypercar (postponed due to UE4 changes. RERUN PENDING)


The one thing I haven’t mentioned to you yet is that the brakes are definitely going to melt the first time I stamp on them from speed :joy:


Did somebody say Modern Hypercar?

Well too bad, have this thing.

2016 Bamtech-Bamford A.F. Shark"Hellbound"

1500hp from a Twin Turbo engine that was first designed for F5000 racing in 1972, coupled to a body originally from a sports car project in 1966, viciously updated to modern standards of suspension and running gear, the “Hellbound” was built as a fourth car to the A series revival in 2015-2016, developed over 30 years of historic racing, this is the absolute peak of shitty old British sports cars built in sheds by old men who don’t know any better!

Also, this thing has so much aero that the least they could do to save your spine was to put extra padding in the seats.


After 34 years… Keep fighting with a boxer under your boot.

By demand, we introduce the 2020 Atrius Falcono.
824bhp, thanks to a twin-turbo boxer 6 engine. And a high-luxury interior.

Say hello to the elite. Say hello to the luxury hypercar. Say hello, to Mr. Falcono.


I remember this behemoth from CSR116, where it got rejected out of hand straight away for being just too ridiculous for the buyer’s tastes - and all I could do was laugh. Hopefully, it does better here.


This is possibly the first and only example I have ever seen where I am reasonably confident you are being facetious.


Or maybe some people just recognize a true driver’s car when they see it :sunglasses:


Shromet Levine, with the DNA of a 90s JDM RWD coupe :joy:


Take a classic…Remake it in AHS steel and carbon fibre…but with LOTS more ventilation! Drop in a 6L V16 Turbo engine and see how fast it goes around the track…

ATT under 1:56 - Check!
Over 500hp/t - Check
Top speed > 400km/h - Check
Over 618hp…oh yes!

Will Strop criticise it…most definitely!

Here we have the DMC Hyped…


And i thought the Super SUV was ambitious.


Whoever said all hypercars had to be very sharp and pointy was pretty dumb.

We here at Alba Performance Engineering Ltd. wanted to prove them even wronger by making a hypercar in the body of a Grand Tourer.

That would be: The Alba Halcón: Half Tourer, Half Hyper(car)

post: we didn’t have enough budget for slicks after making this, so it’s just got sports compound.


Got two entries for you all to look at!

EMS Durandal

A joint effort by @mekilljoydammit and myself

With a twin-turbocharged, 6-litre V10 engine with “adequate” power, all-wheel drive and a singular focus on speed, the Durandal’s performance can best be described as “sufficient.”

More Pictures

FABEL Sport Météore RS

A solo effort

Taking a very different approach than the Durandal - and in fact most of the other entrants, I surmise - the Météore RS focuses on light weight and agility; the Météore RS’ 775-kilogram mass is propelled by a turbocharged, 1.6-litre inline-4 engine, producing 535 horsepower. adapted from FABEL Sport’s World Rallycross car.


A note regarding collaborations:

Some of you are quite rightly wondering how the “bin one bin none, bin more bin them all” rule will apply if a user has solo and group entries.

Suffice to say a group entry will not be automatically binned unless all collaborators have each had two or more other cars binned. But on the flip side, if I bin a collaboration car (in the styling stage, as per usual), then all users involved will have a black mark against them.

This is an unlikely scenario, but for example if you were involved in two collaborations that got instantly binned, then your solo efforts will be binned. If you somehow have multiple collab entries but no solo entries then you’re technically safe. I don’t see any pattern to the entries that suggests either will happen, though. Everybody who has submitted a collab so far has only one other solo entry.

However I am mentioning this because I can see from this thread that there are a significant proportion of entries that will be instantly tossed, in a way such that I feel my rule is quite warranted.


@strop - If someone misnames the car does that mean that

a) the car(s) haven’t been submitted and so should be resubmitted with correct naming.
b) you’ll overlook this indiscretion…twice.
c) all of them are DQ’d including anything submitted afterwards.

I “may” be responsible for misnaming my entries…if the answer is A then I can rework Tinkerbell’s rear end…if it’s B then please look through squinted eyes at the back…or…if it’s C then “F*$K!!!”

This message has been tested and is free from the COVID-19…have a nice day!


I’ll look at the car. If it would have otherwise been insta-binned anyway then dw about it :sunglasses:


The 2020 Pulsar Neutron
(Solo Effort)

The 2020 Pulsar Neutron.
Designed by Pulsars super team, built in house with the help of LHEs PVD, powered by a low production heavily modified LHE Series 52 engine

Pulsar is a French company which was bought by LHE in the 80s as a stepping stone to the European market. Pulsar has been allowed to continue it’s operation of high end sports cars. As of 2010 Pulsar ceased production of it’s own in house motors, and now joints with LHEs PVD for supply of engines.

The Neutron is 100% of Pulsar design, there will be only 1900 Units for the 2020 year.

Pictured in Pulsar Mystablue

LHE based 5.2L 90° V8 32v Producing 627hp
Weight: 1300kg 42/58 split
Top Sped: 326km/h
ATT: 1:54.60


One of my favorite designs that I’ve re-flavored for this competition. Featuring an 1100hp v10 power plant, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. A throwback to the golden supercar era. A pure driving experience, wrapped in a legal road going machine. This, is the Halloway Reaper:

(I worked hard on this don’t roast me too much pls)


big aire succ


Haapala Saatanan Kokemus

Raising hell on the track


You may be asking “Why are you bringing this up? It’s been over a week and you’re clearly not even slightly interested in this competition, much less someone taking the description of a car from GTA Online and copying it nearly verbatim for their own equally fictional vehicle. There’s clearly no malicious intent involved and it’s most likely a reference.” You’d be entirely right to ask that original question, and my answer to it is “not because I should, but because I can.”


bro who are you talking to? i cant see to whom it’s being replied to