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FITE ME Part 3: Modern Hypercar (postponed due to UE4 changes. RERUN PENDING)


It’s in reply to the Shromet Levine which Dr Narfy sent. Dw Lazar, I got you on this.


it’s enough for you to say haha I get the reference. It makes much less sense to spin a tentative insinuation that this may constitute some kind of plagiarism while also hesitating to say such like what’s the point


Avantii Delmolura

More images


Beauty: it’s an interesting thing. Our human minds are tuned to find beauty in certain things: a landscape, a person, an artwork. But how did it come to be that one could see beauty… in an automobile? A lump of metal hollowed out and bent around so it could take us and our belongings from place to place, while also being as efficient as possible. It shouldn’t make sense, yet we can see beauty in the perfect shapes, vents, and even headlights of a car. Why are sounds beautiful, either? Why is it so amazing to hear a revolving assembly of 12 pistons and rods spin above 7000 RPM and to hear air rushing into the intake manifold, feeding thousands of explosions per minute?

We ask all these questions while building our automobiles, and others too. Why is it so exhilarating to press the gas pedal to the floor and feel a force equal to Earth’s gravity shoving you into your seat? Why is it so satisfying to slot a shifter into gear and release the clutch pedal from beneath your left foot? And the best question of all, Why would we ask ourselves these questions?

Because many don’t. Many, many don’t. Many people, many other companies, they don’t think about it. But we do. That’s why our newest project has 1000hp. That’s why it has 3 pedals. That’s why it has a beautiful, aerodynamic shape backed up by dyed blue carbon weave. That’s why it’s not made to cater to the record books; it’s made to cater to the driver.

Don’t put this car in a garage. Put it on the road, put it on a racetrack. It was made to be seen, made to be felt, and made to be heard. So look at it, and let others look at it. Feel it, and let others feel it. Listen to it, and let others listen to it. That’s what it was made for.

The 2019 Velocita Esperienza: not because we can, but because we want to.


“It out Levines the Levine.”

A totally unbiased reporter

What if you wanted a Levine, but better? Then get the ACA Fairburn GrandSlam (Sponsored by GAZPROM). Now with 8 seats for all the family, a reliable and rugged ladder frame chassis and about 2000hp.

Oh and theres this too I guess



"Its really, really, really big"


“Sponsored by GAZPROM”

Low-key one of the funniest things I’ve read in ages.


That’s what she said

when she removed my pants

Almost forgot to mention I’m closing entries tomorrow (ish). Writeup is optional, I am taking submissions through forum DM. I have not checked ANY entries yet because I am away, so will only start looking once I have closed entries.


we cant compete a levine
but we try!


for those wanting to live with luxury

a joint effort between me and @Lordred
and wow, that photos by Lord is incredible af

Alsar presents the new Sleipnir, a god’s ride. With its 1.640kg powered by a incredible 4.7L V10 that can make that beast fly from 0-100km/h in 2.3s. It got a active aero pack and a handmade interior with a incredible HUD! Dont be feared by that agressive face, it is lovable in his soul. You can see the big car sould without problem by the hood, and hear the gods singing when it fly. Valhalla waits for you!

More hot pics


Yamaguchi Fujin

(Painted in Sakura Pink)

Introducing the Yamaguchi Fujin,the latest limited production hypercar from the Japanese Yamaguchi Automobile.This beast is powered by a 6.6L V16 which produces over 1250 Horsepower!It might not be the fastest hypercar on track and straight line,but she will be one exciting and enjoyable hypercar!Blast your neightbourhood with the 9000rpm V16 while sitting in the quality interior handmade by Japanese experts!

More Pics


600 is all you need


BTR Acinonyx

Oh dear lord, the absolute maniacs that call themselves engineers over at BTR have gotten their grubby little hands on BT Motor's flagship Grand Tourer, the Acinonyx. Nobody knows what on earth goes on in the BTR HQ, but we would hazard a guess that their chief engineer took one look at the Acinonyx's reveal photos, chuckled, and said "I bet we can make that thing beat a Gyphon Gear around a track"

Well, there you have it. The BTR Acinonyx. Now with 2 massive turbochargers bringing the 5.5 liter V10’s already impressive output to an incredible 1214 ponies, an obscene aerodyanmics package that produces nearly a metric tonne of downforce at top speed, and 200 pounds slashed off the curb weight. These modifications bring the 0-60 time down to a mind boggling 2.1 seconds and allows the Acinonyx to blast through corners while pulling more than 1.6 g’s. All this while the driver remains envoloped in an interior that is nothing short of the pinnacle of luxury.

BTR x BT Motors. Defy the expectation.


ok, gonna have a stab at this, will probably fail :smiley:

here is the medusa


Lets spice things up with something retro

2020 RetroniX Akai-GT



2020 Zacspeed Zenith

Apex Predator


I see what you did there.

Also ffs people



Are you blaming us for running your battery low? :rofl:

Anyway, it’s only 18…I reckon at least half will be binned for the looks alone!


Really wanna compete but there is no way in hell I even can xD spent too much time on the fence and especially the latter half of subs is so fucking mindblowing that I cannot even.

Some really epic designs there, lots of great inspirations and creativity. Much to learn, best of luck to all!


A little bit late to the party with this, but hey… it’s something.

2020 EMAS Ultima

I’ve probably missed something haven’t I…