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Five Stars, Eight Numbers - A Design Competition


I’ll admit it, it’s a Chinese knockoff of CSC. Had this idea in the back of my head for a while and after the coming week, I will have literally no time to host a challenge like this for months to come.


MAY 2020

It is the year 2020. Honghu has been manufacturing the Chinese Communist Party’s chariot of choice for just over 50 years. This year, preliminary design of the 88888888 concept has been moving at a steady pace. Once at the design stage however, the workers were stumped.

The first concept had been rendered in some foreign New Zealand software. Although somewhat suitable, the designers still feel like it’s rather clunky, with the strange side trim piece, the large slap-on fog light units, the lower fascia, etc. Surely, the company could take the CCP route; green-light the concept and silence any opposition. Considering that this would be the vehicle that the chairman would ride in however, the vehicle was sent back to the design room.


Even more importantly, Honghu felt that their design language was getting stale. As a result, Honghu has branched out to various design firms (you) to not only redesign the 8888888, but more importantly, come up with a striking redux of the Honghu design language.

Under certain exceptions…


Each concept will be judged according to three aspects which make up Honghu’s design language. This involves harmonizing the North and South regions of China together, whilst maintaining natural flow when doing so. The design must incorporate these aspects:


Honghu started as a Beijing company, directly serving the CCP. Today, the nationalistic, loyal and traditional blood of the Northern region still persists within the design language. That being said, the design must reflect the North by maintaining its imposing, opulent, yet elegant nature. In the Honghu language, this is typically done through an obnoxiously large front grille with vertical bars, chrome in tasteful places, and red badging.


Having moved to the Guangdong region in recent years, a large portion of China’s futuristic Pearl River Delta has seeped into the blood of the Honghu design language. To exhibit the technological prowess of Southern China, the design should be futuristic but NOT ALL-OUT CYBERPUNK. DO NOT GET THIS DISTINCTION WRONG!!! In the Honghu language, this is typically shown through intricate LED designs within its lights, as well as ultra-sharp lines throughout the vehicle.


This is what was most missing in the first design iteration. Translating into “wind-water” in English, Feng Shui refers to “energy forces utilized to harmonize individuals and the surrounding environment”. Although the application of Feng Shui is less extreme in Honghu’s design language, the design still must encompass harmony and balance in every inch of the vehicle. In other words, make sure each fixture compliments one another in a harmonious, natural flow. This is what will ultimately tie the culture divide together, making the 88888888 a representation of the entire country.



This is most important. Failure to comply with this rule will result in me not judging your entry. A link can be found here

Trim year should be set to 2020. Although this is purely a design challenge, it would be appreciated if you were to do this.

Paint your car black!


Honghu uses a custom badge. It’s your choice to use it or not. Extract and place the file under this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automation\UE421\AutomationGame\Plugins

The badge can be found here

Naming Scheme

Engine Family and Vehicle Model Name: 5S8N - [YOUR FORUM USERNAME]
Engine and Model Trim Name: [Anything, as long as it has 88888888 in it]


Please post at least a photo of your vehicle in this thread and DM me the car using the forums or discord with this naming format.

Only one entry is permitted. Please do not resubmit anything. I will only take your first entry


Looking at Hongqi itself is more than sufficient for drawing inspiration. However, my designs are also available. Most of the company’s designs can be found on its forum thread. However, here are some photos of existing vehicles for reference.

In Here!!


Honghu 88888888 Concept R1 - Elite.car (49.8 KB)

A lot of things are probably broken on it, but whatever. Please don’t colour your hoods red btw. It was my original compromise for creating a red badge before I knew I could just use a brake light.


Last but not least, try to be original. Change up the grille shape a little, mess with the badge shape, or don’t. Honghu is very accepting to these changes in their design language, as long as they follow the three criteria!

Submissions open now, and will run until Friday, October 11th 11:59 PM


This premise of yours would have been very appropriate for CSC, but you’ve never won a round of it before (except for the very first one), so it makes perfect sense that it gets its own thread.


I actually won the first round but passed hosting down. :wink:

Only doing this now because I know I won’t get any time to host a challenge during the remainder of the school year.


what body have you used for the .car download you have there? i have the 10’s luxury installed


Should be the 4 door variant of the 10sluxury body, hmm is something bugged?

Edit: discord’s telling me that apparently it’s not called 10sluxury in the game? Should be the ultra long Rolls Royce body under sedans. Even longer than the biggest BMW sedan body

Edit 2: apparently it’s called sedan_editor_thumb for some reason :thinking:



Sorry for the double post. Realized that the badge link was borked and I sent…


this as the car instead!

All links should now be fixed. Design away :slight_smile:


Continue to use the Rolls body?




right then i’ll get the ball rolling with my 88888888 design concept.

a closer look


Here’s mine558N - Randomtuner - 888888 - Lünnerden Design.car (56.8 KB)



Honghu 88888888 by Midnight Design


天津葡萄汽车推出:2020 红湖 88888888

彗星 AMC给红湖的礼物

彗星 (Suisei) gift to 红湖 (Honghu)
Following Eddy's photo cover :S


The “Eight 8’s” design concept - for Honghu’s Premiere sedan


Honghu 88888888 by FAROX

当Farox Design Studios听到设计洪湖超豪华车的绝佳机会时,我们感到非常兴奋!这是我们雄辩地进入图纸的入口!遵循“北方风与设计”的核心原则,我们为父权制感到自豪。

When Farox Design Studios is hearing the great opportunity to design of a Honghu ultra-luxury car, we were very excited! This is the entrance to our eloquent entry into the drawings! Following the core principles of “Northern Winds and Design”, we are proud of our patriarchy.


Neubran Design presents (NeDe)

Honghu 泰坦 (Titan) 88888888 Concept



Honghu 最電動 88888888

More Pictures


our mission was to develop an new design language the inspires restrained elegance and subtle power. the center piece is the new “galaxy” grill design that consists of tiny led lights that resemble stars.


You have less than 24 hours to submit your vehicle!

However, I am all for extending the deadline by one more day to accommodate a couple more entries. I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide.

Should I …

  • Extend deadline to Saturday 11:59 PM
  • Keep deadline as is

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Honghu 88888888 by Propeller