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Fixture Clipping For 2009 Coupe Body (102.0 in)


Hello Automation Support,

So I’ve used this body in the past to design coupes and I come on and all of a sudden I’m seeing what looks like the fixture clipping/distorting the body. I really like this body but if this is appearing on the body, I can’t really use it. Can this be fixed please? See photos bellow:

Current situation as of August 4, 2019d:

Car I created on the same body on June 17, 2019

(Sorry if this is a dupe post but I didn’t see any other posts about this on first glance)


That sort of thing has been happening on a multitude of bodies for a while now, not just specific to that one. It’s definitely fixture related - I find it occurs on the roof when I’m placing a sunroof.