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Fixture Issues: Fixture Changes Type


Hello Automation Support Team and Community,

So I was recently designing some cars that, after I finish everything up and I go to take a picture of it via photo mode, the fixtures are the wrong type. When I go back to the design room, the problem still persists. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

-Redoing the fixture type and textures (failed)
-Deleting the fixtures and reapplying them (failed)

I’m running out of solutions. Any others or is this a known bug (if it is a known bug, sorry for reposting)

(Pictures of what’s happening bellow)

Pre-Photo Mode/Exiting to Car Selection

Post Photo Mode/Existing to Car Selection


Interesting issue! Could you send us the .car file by uploading it here and we can test what is going on there. Cheers!


Just sent it now via PM! Also, another update. Just tried restarting the game and it still didn’t fix the issue.

P.S: Sorry… didn’t see the “uploading it here” part XD

Ferrum - RGGTS2.car (51.7 KB)