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Fixtures Bug Reports & Suggestions


All variants of this tail light do this when placed on a sloped surface. Seems part of the skinning needs to be fixed.


Scoops with too high poly counts, being really slow to place and manipulate:


Zoomed in on a cross section of it and it’s clearly just needlessly smooth (can’t even really notice the corners of polygons even at this zoom level)



The horizontal flipping of fixtures often seems to not working when drastically increasing the size of a fixture, just as when flipping first, the size increase eventually hits a hard limit. There’s no issue like this when rotating or vertically flipping fixtures.


The behaviour of this wing has changed so that it doesn’t set itself down nicely on slopes anymore. The comparison picture here is from BeamNG.drive because that still shows how the wing worked in the old version (since that car was exported to beam before the latest update)

The wing only works on horizontally level surfaces now, otherwise it hovers.




That’s not a bug report, that’s a picture :stuck_out_tongue: please state what you’re observing that you expect to be different.


Actually, this photo explains a bug. It’s about perspective. You see only one photo, but I see a bug in that photo… It needs to be like thisimages%20(1)


Okay, you are a tough cookie, I assume what you really want to say is “The placement of the intercooler is for a longitudinally mounted engine, instead of a transverse mount like in the picture.”?


Yes. I didn’t want to be rude, If I did, I’m so sorry. I just tried to say “The placement of the intercooler is not true for transverse.” in my first picture


In the open beta, using the laferrari body, copying this fixture one too much on the car crashes the game


After changing the variant of a locked fixture, the floating UI unlocks and allows me to rescale and delete the fixture while everything else about it remains lock. Unselecting and reselecting the fixture returns the floating UI to its locked state.

This bug is present on all fixtures with multiple variants.



This light fixture doesn’t allow the lines to change material, the background material can be changed but the material slot for the lines doesn’t work when you change it.


Might of said before, but the Laferrari body resets the rear bumper morph all the way in (and only that one) when you import it using the carimports folder. It also doesnt reset the placement of fixtures, so some are stuck out some are stuck inwards and its really messy.
When you morph the bumper to where it should be, it still doesnt reset the fixture placement, (that or its incredibly slow, like 5mins+) so you have to go out to the menu select and then back in to reload the entire body. This has happened on every single laf body i have recieved and it’s very anoyying.


You can see here the exhaust is in the “correct” place whereas everything else is conformed to the new morph. Moving the morph outwards then leaves all the fixtures in place even after waiting for a long time.

Then, after reloading the car body again after that the fixtures finally place themselves correctly


How about making a feature where you can select a fuel type? E.g diesel, methanol, petrol? This would be a really cool feature.


While this isn’t a direct answer to your question, if you read it properly, you’ll understand that it’s not as simple as adding a fuel option and giving the engine more or less power according to it.


Feature Request

I know some different versions of this have been asked before, but it would be nice to be able to edit multiple fixtures at once. For example, if you could hold a key like ctrl and select a few fixtures, then you could move them all at once keeping the same distance from each other.

If scaling is an issue with multiple fixtures selected, the gizmo could change to tell you you have multiple fixtures selected. This in combination with holding shift to copy fixtures would be tremendously helpful in making patterns for grille inserts etc. or copy “custom” elements like complex lights or vents to other areas.


Feature Request

Swing axle rear suspension, like the “unsafe at any speed” Corvair and the rear-engined Skôdas


That’s not a fixture…


Edit: Yeah I comitted a big dum-dum.
Thanks @Elizipeazie


still the wrong thread tho.