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Fixtures color


Just curious, if in the new UE version I make a multi colored car, what color the fixtures will be?


I assume the fixture will adopt the color of what it is stamped on?
Assuming that is possible to implement…

More interestingly, what will happen when a fixture is stamped on… let’s say half on the front bodywork of the car, and half onto the bumper of the car; which is of a different color?


i would really like to be able to put different color for the fixtures :slight_smile: . i think everything would be possible with lot of coding and programming

btw why are my fixtures yellow when my car is white


Have you watched the last LDU? That should give you the answers you seek. :wink:


Definitely fixtures need the same colors and material options like car body. This will prevent us for making thousands variants of each grill, lamp or handle.