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Ford SVT Contour (Mondeo ST200)


Update to this thread. After giving #525 a super cleaning, it is sold!

If anyone wants to look through that.

I drove 18hr to get a super clean Toreador Red SVT. Single owner car, very well kept. I want to keep this one as a stock unit and preserve it, while #2019 will continue to get modifications slowly over time.


Long awaited, I finally received my build certificate for #2019. (Silver car, black hood, red wheels) Now I need to order one for the red car, which is #2497.


Today I removed and replaced the lower grill mesh on the red car. The orginial one had obviously taken a few hits over the years, or some careless mechanic poked holes in it. Either way this is a very easy job if you remove the bumper. I didn’t do it the easy way.

But it is done! and is another nice touch on making this car that much closer to pristine. I also found a set of spark plug loom holders I had saved from my part out of the black car, it really cleans up the engine bay.

Yes, life is good for Red car.