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Ford SVT Contour (Mondeo ST200)


Fixed my broken antenna. It now retracts.


I was out at willow springs yesterday with my car group, and they didn’t understand why older people kept coming up to look at the Contour and talk to me about it, because to them, it’s just some boring family sedan :slight_smile:

It’s such an ego boost when your stock sedan steals the thunder from the highly modified STIs and EVOs


“Stock” Sedan


Soon ™


I’ve worked on a Ford Mondeo before but it was newer.
Does this one have that feature where you need to use the car key to unlock the hood (Hidden under the Ford logo)?




Last minute cheating


So empty, surprisingly though, no drone issues, and still very comfortable to be in during my commute. I can feel the difference with all that weight removed, and with the poly filled rear motor mount everything feels so much tighter.


As ready as I’m going to get, wish me fun!


Have fun and good luck!!! :sunglasses:


Didn’t break anything!

What I want:
Better brakes
Shore up rear end
Lighten front more


Carbon Fibre?



Those are impossible to find now.


Relocate the battery to the boot (trunk) helps a lot or get a lighter battery option like an Optima dry cell battery.

What else? :thinking:

remove excess shrouds/ plastic bits from the engine bay.

Delete the air-con and remove the parts related to that.

Aaaaaand I’m spent! :exploding_head: Anything else will make the car unpleasant to drive on the street and will cost too much to be worth it… Maybe tubular headers and a cat delete would shave off some more grams (pounds, lol)?

Cool car, I hope you have lots of fun without too many costs :sunglasses:


Already working on that.

On the list. This first outing was mostly shake down/see what I want to improve.

Keeping the A/C as this will drive to the track, and than home.

Thanks, that is the entire point of this, keep it a low-budget track car. I’m not out to blow minds, I’m just out to have fun.

BTW: I’m picking up a second Freedom Mondeo ST200 for $400.00 this Saturday to pull non replaceable parts from, then send off to the wrecker.


I found my cars evil twin.

Damnit, now I have a breeding pair…

$400.00 Freedom bucks.


What. You’re trying to open Contour SVT Farm or something? :laughing:


I bought this one for parts, but it may be saveable. Im conflicted.


When one of the photographers in the group thinks your car looks nice enough to play with :slight_smile:


With a pinch of synthwave throw in for flavour