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Ford SVT Contour (Mondeo ST200)


OZ’s are now on the Contour. I like it!

How much longer till I need to start putting stickers on the car?


When I went Pre-98 trunk hunting, I had found two at the same yard, one with a factory lip/spoiler, one with out. I decided to mate the one with the lip, I am quite happy. Just need to color match, or actually follow through with my plan on going bare metal.

Next on the list is to re-wire the tail lights to accept the matching pre-98 tail lights, they have a different diffuser pattern, and look quite sharp.


re-wired the taillights and 3rd light for the pre-98 parts. Also got in the pre-98 rear deck carpet, which covers the 3rd shoulder seat belt that I removed.


to quote a friend: “The bad thing happened again.”


After some very very deep soul searching. I will be keeping the black car, after striping it down to next to nothing, this is the perfect time to remove any excess from the car, and re-assemble it as the dedicated track car. The silver car will run this year as a track car but I will make no further modifications to it.

The green car was purchased for a SVT Contour member who lives up north and wanted the car (he forwarded me the money to purchase it) It is only visiting.

But having spent substantial time pulling the black car apart, and finding how stupid clean/straight it is. It would be a shame to crush it, so IT will become the track car, and it’s going to go full race car.

I haven’t decided if I will build it with the V6, or if I will use a powertrain from another application.


Alternator position is horrible on these things.


Reminds me of helping to change it on my friend’s Saab 9-5 Aero. But hopefully you don’t have to drop the subframe to reach it.


Just a photo.


Those new lights look miles better


Thanks, I’m much more a fan of this booty.


Welllllll I’m bringing another one home, a '98 SE V6 MTX (a rare combination)




First stage cleaning.

Clay bar and was to follow


SE V6, with it’s mild boring cams, silky smooth idle, is my vote for best small truck engine.


And just like that, I’ve sold the SE for a quick buck!


“You can’t make a Mondeo’s engine bay look like it houses an aggressive engine.”

Me: “Hold my beer”


Drinking and driving is bad mkay


I decided to do a ‘rattlecan’ paint match on the trunk, turned out well, needed to wet sand for a few hours.


I’ll be headed up north to Oregon for a meet of other SVT Contour owners this month. From the 11th to the 16th I’ll be on the road!


Great job Man, its amazing to see from 2017 to 2019, you have motivated me I have a one Dodge Ram 2003 model truck in my garage now i am planing to rebuild that, even though i have a Ford truck which i am currently using for blocked driveway towing nyc, but i will rebuild my old truck again thanks for sharing this journey with us.