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Forest Co. delivery car


Great, now I have body ADD. :stuck_out_tongue: already got two studies going and can’t decide between them.


This challenge is harder than i tought.
I believed that economy mattered much more (in my cars the fuel costs is around 2/3 of the total yearly costs) but raising quality sliders don’t guarantee benefits. My best shot so far is a bit lower than 16.000$/year.

P.S. I’m not very good at optimizing cars.


16,000??? My first draft car only has 1,707 running costs… unless we are looking at different stats


Yes, probably.
I’m talking about the result of the calculation i described in the first post:

I’ve created this (Using only Automation Values) to better reflect the working condition of this cars (everyday, 16 hours per day) and consider not only the running costs, but also the buy (and renewal) cost.


Shouldn’t there also be a load capacity and/or utility score requirement to complement the cargo volume requirement? Unfortunately the game doesn’t show the direct load limit, but there is a percentage in the utility tab.


Ok, didn’t see the nice spreadsheet you put up. Your example car is better on mpg than mine so far, but I do 0-100 in 7.6s. Gotta go fast!


There isn’t for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to add any more complications to it, it’s a competion based only on economy, requirements are here only to avoid exaggerations.
  2. These cars don’t need an high utility score, they only carry the thing they can deliver in an hour (considering the shipping preparation), you don’t need a truck to take home your grocery. IRL (yes, this service really exists, I was “inspired” by Amazon Prime Now) they even use scooters.

At first that numbers are from a test car, but trying the spreadsheet funcionality i changed it, now they are 80% random.
Watch out, with a very fast car you can have a good review and Mr. Jett Basics can nominate your car his favourite, but you don’t take any advantage in the main competition, they will buy the more economical car.

I’m glad you like it, I spent few hours to make it pretty (with all the conditional formatting and help functions).


So a 3309L (cargo capacity) van may be bit much? But it uses 6.66L / 100km (the most evilest efficiency in the world!)



My best car so far have 2973L of cargo space. I’m not saying you are going in the best way, i’m saying it’s possible to win even with a large car. I really don’t know.
I could even, i don’t know wich is the best way to approach this challenge, my personal tastes don’t have nothing to do this time, everything i know is written in the first post. (I will not partecipate, officialy)

P.S.Don’t trow away your secondary project, after the deadline this competition can become an always ongoing challenge. As it’s structured it don’t need any external help to run.


The calculations seem to be solid enough already, and the rules are set.

Can we stop this and effectively start the challenge, and have a deadline for it?


The challenge is started

(at least i tought), i haven’t decided any deadline yet because i want to set in one of my free day, so i can spend more time posting the results, but maybe you are right (even if you don’t say anything, i know you thinked about it) it’s better to set a deadline:

6 april 2017 23:59 GMT (click here for a countdown timer)


Just make sure that you proclaim that (if you wish to) you reserve the right to finetune the calculations for the scoring in case something turns up that breaks the system for the next two days or however long you wish for.


I will try to not change the rules or calculations from now on, but if someone find an exploit, a bug in the rules, and make an unreasonable car i will comunicate it here on the thread ASAP. In that case i will add a rule (or modify one) to stop it (changing little as possible). I hope it does not happen, and if anyone find it I kinly ask to not use it and inform me.
This to make the competition fair to everyone.


I’m still convinced that using the price estimate isn’t a great idea, it’s not very accurate. A good example is that engine capacity (material cost?) has a large effect on price estimate, but difficult to engineer and produce high tech designs do not. At the very least, a lot of subtle design choices which would usually have some measurable cost & benefit can produce only a benefit (or cost) because they don’t affect the price estimate. It would be significantly more realistic to use the three ‘real’ costs (material, PU and ET) to score the price.


Ask killrob or daffy or any developer about it. I want to use what the game provide us, if it’s not accurate, it’s a game, accept it.


Killrob has already said in a matter of words that the devs don’t care to change it because the sandbox isn’t a core gameplay element (or rather that competitions using the sandbox aren’t).


Also, no minimum RON specified?


I think it’s too dificult to make a balanced rule for it, there is a cap on ET already. I think using the market price automation give makes the competition more easy and fun.

You can use which fuel you prefer (except for leaded fuels, you need to install a catalitic converter), be aware, each fuel have it’s own price:
Regular 91: 1.58$/L
Premium 95: 1.68$/L
Super 98: 1.8$/L
Ultimate 100: 1.9$/L
Low Q. 80: 1.47$/L


to double check, there is no restriction on production units, right?


Weird ass gearing allows me to drop almost a full 1l/100km, which is about $1,000 in yearly costs, from all my cars. :
And yet my cute little truck still does 0-100 in 7.4s!