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Forest Co. delivery car


NO, there isn’t any limit on production unit.

As soon as it works! Just FYI i haven’t set any minimum top speed because 100km/h is over the normal top speed reached in the cities.


FYI, you mistyped “98” as “38” in your “yearly fuel costs” column. At least it was mistyped in the version I copied yesterday.


I’ll kick off submissions with my entry…

Presenting the 2015 Bogliq Fetch!!!

Designed for small businesses and those who need lots of space in a compact package, the MY15 Fetch combines good looks with excellent practicality in a unique package sure to tempt anyone looking for something special.

Cheap to run, cheap to maintain and with a proven track record for reliability, the MY15 Fetch will be a willing and hard worker for your team. A spartan yet useable interior will make life easy for the troops and there is plenty of space in the back for doing whatever it is that you do…

Interested? If you’re looking to add the Fetch to your team then don’t hesitate to contact your local Bogliq dealer today and we’ll have your business problems turned into solutions quicker than you can say tax refund!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


Probably going to tease my car tomorrow with pics, but as a pre-tease…
Current car has a “yearly total cost” of only $17,822 (This seems good based on the GREAT economy I pushed from my engine)


So… there is a race car body with 2467L of cargo space… It might be a bit awkward to get in and out of, but the aero efficiency is amazing and it would definitely make your company unique :stuck_out_tongue:


That can be an exploit. Which body is it?



There’s certainly an issue with that car’s body and cargo boxes. The blue is the cargo box:


Wow, its basically all cargo, :laughing:


Ok, banned. This is definitely unreasonable.
If you agree i will also ban all the barth bodies.


I don’t use Barth bodies in any competition, they seem to be universally disliked by everyone on the forums, but I do play around with them privately.


I know this is a double post, but I thought it was appropriate to give my entry its own post.

This is the 2015 OMG Snap. It has a spritely and highly efficient 1.9L engine. It’s equipped with 2 seats, a CD entertainment system, and a generous easily accessible cargo area.


Introducing the Cornaldie Automotive LC-1, a light delivery vehicle for all your basic delivery needs.


Ankomst Automotive is happy to offer one of its 2015 production vehicles as an affordable, yet very capable platform for your delivery company. The economy package of our Upphovsman (“Mover” in English) automobile makes for a great fleet vehicle due to its efficient yet powerful engine, low service costs, and reasonable purchase price.


2015 Townsend Tulsa Throwback

The 80’s. Flock of Seagulls. Reagan and Gorbachev. Parachute Pants. Acid washed denim. Ready to go back?

Townsend will let you go there, without compromising modern safety and engine management systems.

Sourced from Suzume, the Tulsa Throwback is powered by a smooth, efficient Ishi-series 2.2 Liter 6-cylinder. 6-speed automatic and rear wheel drive put that power to the wheels, will still attaining 32 MPG.

Tulsa Throwback also includes standard buckets seats with stain-resistant flat-woven cloth surfaces, a CD player, and ergo-touch interior.

Come see your local Townsend dealer today!

2015 Townsend Tulsa Throwback, shown in Copperhead Metallic (original 1982 shade, updated to new standards!)


Now i recived cars only from
@HighOctaneLove @doncornaldie and @one85db
I’m waiting for the others
P.S. My test car is still winning…i improveed it a little


Thought I had sent mine in, just PM’d you. I imagine your car is no longer winning :stuck_out_tongue:

Still cool to see the cars people come up with, even if they are not winners!


So now that we know we are all losing can we rebuild our cars and try again?


I don’t partecipate the challenge, that post is only to motivate other users to submit their cars. But if you want, you can send me another one.


Yeah, it is, but I just hate knowing I’m losing before the competition has even entered the judging round.