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Forum rules - a reminder


Hi everyone,

Recently in the forum there seems to have been a rise in hostility towards newer members, or perhaps those that don’t invest the same amount of time into the game or those that don’t have the same level of skill. This has at times gotten quite personal and totally inappropriate for this community.

The first and most important rule of the forum is “Treat other members with respect,” and that’s something that should be followed regardless. Further on we have no posts that insult or are hostile towards other members. Many of the posts that have started these dramas off have been harmless, and constructive criticism quickly turns to arguments. If someone wants to crack on doing their thing regardless, that’s up to them, let them do their thing.

You don’t know for definite who it is at the other end - yes, it could be a grown adult being a troll in which case flag it up, move on and let the mods take care of it. Just the same it could be a young child who hasn’t long had the game who is excited to enter a car into a show or a competition, or wants to start a story for their company, even if it’s not considered to be up to the same standards as some of the outstanding stuff we do see. It could be anyone.

This is not aimed at anybody in particular, but it’s something we should all have a think about. It’s very general and isn’t going to apply to all cases, and it’s not an ask that everyone acts as if they’re on thin ice. Just please have a think before posting, if you have a disagreement or don’t like something please consider just ignoring it and moving on.

Thanks all.


Seems like a reasonable request. 99% of criticism I see is constructive but there’s that 1% that can bring problems.


But but… what if it’s CnCharger?


Don’t feed the troll.


“Treat other members with respect”

Well, from what I see, someone does not comply…

(if you select the Montes icon in discord, It shows “vmoron” as code)


A saw some rudeness that could have been avoided, but didn’t notice any snarkiness towards someone that didn’t deserve it.

I guess a thread with design tips would help, at least we could post that when someone posts a car desgined seemingly with windows paint. That would at least help them rather than just undermine their self-confidence. Honestly though, any rudeness I saw was not critique, but reaction to their odd responses to the critique.


As I said up top this has been coming for a bit, but the now deleted post that was the straw that broke the camels back was far beyond just a little bit of rudeness. If someone does want to create that thread, it sounds a great idea.

Oh, and just as it was mentioned earlier, this has very little to do with CNC.


Yeah, I figured, just attempted humour.