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Forum translators


I can translate in Puertorican/Latinamerican Spanish if needed…


Which Chinese? Mando, Canto, Hakka, Teochew or any of the other 90 odd dialects? :joy:


I only know basic chinese , i speak fluent mandarin but not really good at writing.

I am actually Hokkien (Fujian) people (Chinese dialect) but wait i am not from China :smile:


where are you even???


Does that make you a resident of Malaysia who went through the Chinese school system?

Totally guessing here. Incidentally I am such a banana :joy:


Italian speaker here.


I am now in Pittsburgh

I was in Jakarta but most of my friends speak English or slang Info and I never paid attention in Indo classes so yeah


Serbian speaker here


Probably not needed but I’m a native speaker of Finnish so I can help with that


I can provide Polish history, slogan and ULTIMATE POWER OF KURWA

Sign me in.


Another Finn here, happy to help. Although a car company with Finnish names would seem weird to me.


Swede here, so can help with swedish translations


Close enough :smile: , just across the border Singapore :smile:


Lol I wish I remembered any Swedish… I can only read and understand now. Do not ask me to speak it or write anything in it :joy:


Wah Lau eh so your accent mor Singapo or Malay one :wink:


Same same la , my accent is typical singaporean accent nothing special :smile:


I speak Turkish, I could translate a phrase or word.


Russian is an option with me


I can help with the Spanish from Spain.


You can add me to the baguette crew