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Fps Issue from last update?


I noticed that since the latest update that my fps seems to be capped at 9 even on the lowest settings. The only other app that was running besides task manager was steam and that was marginal. Before the update, I was getting 60+ fps on epic settings even when creating a resource intensive car. It just seems weird that it doesn’t move from 9 fps even on the menu screen and from low to epic settings. Any advice would be appreciated.


That sounds like some malware protection screening is going apeshit while you’re running the game :slight_smile: could you have a look if you need to whitelist the application?


Checked to see if windows firewall was blocking anything and it wasn’t (I don’t have any other form of protection) but just seen how the game ran and now it runs about 145ish fps on the main menu w/epic settings. Must’ve just been a weird random glitch or something with my computer.