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Friendly Competition - Design a hi-po trim of a 70's pony car


This is the 1973 Orbit GS.

Powered by a feeble, emissions-hampered 331 engine making only 215hp, it is more looks than brawn.

The lineup lacks a high-performing model, and we are looking for an outside shop that is willing to build one for us. We will ship you the completed car, engine and all, and it is up to you to outfit it for track duty. If you want to tear down the engine and build it up ready to tear up the track, that is good. If you want to take a roller and drop in one of your early 70’s motors, that is also good.

We are very open to anything you have for us! Any company that would like to earn our business will be provided with several cars to prototype with.

Show us what you got!

Orbit - GS.car (16.2 KB)


A brand new Orbit unit were just rolled into MV Design’s shop. I guess we’re going to have fun. Stay tuned.


Produtive night. It’s in test phase. Get teased.


Thanks for the car, it just rolled into the shop. Falchion tuning will try it’s best to make this thing into a track monster!


Presenting the Orbit MV/GS. A stylish street beast, with our bespoke BBM V8 engine, pumping double the power and double the braggin’ rights of the base model. New front and rear fiberglass panels are included, to give a powerfull new look while being easy to install over the stock body. Also a fiberglass hood, side scoops and wing are included. A new “Jãobolão Loko” color, with sport side stripes and mag wheels complete the looks. A suspension tuning and more confortable seats are also included. All this parts can also be installed as acessories at the dealerships, as “upgrade kits”.

Orbit - MVGS.car (40.0 KB)


Aerio Tuning Company just rolled an Orbit into their shop… what did they decide to do to it? Stay tuned :wink:


Ardent subsidiaries Townsend Coachworks and Toledo Ironworks shared duties in modifying the Orbit to create the Orbit GS/500 Super T/A.

The anemic V8 was pulled and a more robust 500 CID Iron Twelve from Toledo Works was installed, putting out 380HP through a new close-ratio 4-speed gearbox. It managed this despite being set up for regular unleaded fuel. Bigger wheels, tires, and brakes rounded out the performance modifications. The exterior received a fair amount of reworking, and the interior got a touch from Townsend. The renowned coachworks company removed the rear jump seats and reshaped the rear half of the interior, making room for two full-size seats. Now the performance and fun could be shared with friends.


Uhhhh… I kinda didn’t get the memo when I modified your car :flushed:

1973 Orbit GSX


I re-tuned your engine, from 160Kw to… 150Kw :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Your car is now a tenth quicker to 100Km/h, uses 4l per 100Km less fuel and laps the ATT about 10 secs faster than your stock car! :triumph:


Apologies if that isn’t what you’re looking for.


The Leeroy Custom Solutions tuning team

Orbit - GSX.car (26.2 KB)


I didn’t say more horsepower, I said higher performing so technically it’s good lol


Your ride has been successfully pimped and sport ready! with a 397 Horsepower 5.6 Litre V8, complete with a 5 speed manual reaching a top speed of 156 miles per hour, and a score of 92 on Hyper with 95% affordability, and 77.9 and 92.6% affordability for Super. Truly a power house of a car, all for a relatively modest 50236$.

Orbit - GS.car (24.7 KB)


Also by the way, unlike the basic model, the car is actually fillable :slight_smile:


Excited to port these into beam… what do you mean by fillable?


He means there was no gas cap or antenna on the original model. He wasn’t the only one to catch that and add those pieces when we redesigned.



…did you look under the badge?


generally if you hide a gas cap under something else, you need to make it clear. :wink:


If it was clear, nobody could see it


Bah dum tsss…


Mine is there too. It just got photo shy.


im guessing this is dead now oh well


Sorry, I’ve been busy with work and classes. I’ll port them over this weekend and see how they are