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Friendly Competition - Design a hi-po trim of a 70's pony car


Ok im getting in on this before its too late


Hmm, I’ll bite as well then I guess - lets see what can be done.

@Corey_Twitch you forgot wing mirrors though :stuck_out_tongue:


no comment


Well, here’s what I got:

ELECTI’ design and coachbuilding division took on the challenge of modifying the Orbit GS and took it apart, piece by piece. After many weeks of hard work filled with oil, grease, espresso and crossaints, they emerged from their studio with these:

Saturn GTS Convertible and Sedan

The rebadged and refreshed cars sport a modernized version of the original 331 engne, equipped with mechanical fuel injection, SOHC-32 valvetrain, forged internals, decat exhaust, 448Nm of torque and 302hp.

The economy of the original muscle car was greatly improved, dropping by a whopping 13l/100km for the Convertible and 15l/100km for the Sedan. Cars now return ‘frugal’ 18.6l/100km and 17l/100km fuel consumption figures respectively. Emissions have also been lowered, despite the removal of catalytic converters. 0-60 is taken care of in 7.3/6.9s thanks to a 5 speed transmission while larger wheels, tyres and brakes as well as improved suspension ensure the car stays pointing in the right direction.

But the most obvious changes happened on the outside. With a completely redisigned front fascia, rear light clusters, bumpers and an aggressive hood scoop, these bad boys are sure to attract a lot of attention!

While not the most powerful, they are certainly not slow. It’s 1973 after all.

Yours for just $29,516 for the Convertible and $28,773 for the Sedan.

Orbit - GTS Convertible.car (39.5 KB)
Orbit - GTS Sedan.car (39.9 KB)


Do you have a copy of the car’s file?


I PM’ed it to you looong ago. I’ll have to see if I still have it in my current DB.

Edit: Yup, here it is.

Orbit - GS500 Super TA.car (39.2 KB)




Orbit - GS CPV.car (18.7 KB)

This is a no apologies given track car, stripped interior, single seat, straight piped side dump exhaust, auto locking rear diff, 4 wheel disc brakes, and we rolled the fenders to fit fatter z rated semi slicks. The CPV engineers worked over the original engine, installed forged higher compression flattop pistons, forged H-rods, long tube headers, quad downdraft carbs with velocity stacks, a higher lift cam and new distributor. The end result is a 331ci engine outputting 333hp at 5100 rpms and 357 lbft at 4500 rpms, the suspension and gearbox have been revised for track use with over 1.1 g on the skidpad, 0-60 is done in 5.8 seconds, the quarter mile in 14.3 @ 99mph. it laps the ATT around 30 seconds faster than stock @ 2:24.5