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Friendly Looking Cars




Lan-Evo 2



Almost every Saab from the 80s onward…



As far as Elises and Exiges are concerned, the S1 looks a bit friendlier - and a whole lot cuter than the S2:

The S2 cars are more aggressive-looking in my opinion, but still friendly.


Mazda seems to be good at this :grin:


I think it’s also look friendly at front. (Clio V6)


Almost any Saab from the late 70s to the end.


i dont really need to explain


The meme car before memes existed.




1999 Daewoo Matiz


This should have been locked once @KA24DE dropped the Sprite! :rofl:


Because I plan to buy one if things pan out:

Compared to its predecessor, the ZZW30 was also far friendlier (and mellower) in temperament than the boy-racer favourite SW20.