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From riches to rags (One off-challenge)


I also don’t drink. And don’t eat meat. And don’t smoke. But everyone drags me to parties because I drive smooooth. Not a single end party puke in years!


Me either…

Isn’t abstaining from meat against the law in Brasil? :rofl:

I’ll have a dozen of these thanks! :grin:



It is. Fite me.


Balls his fists and takes up a classic pugilist stance

I say old bean, I’m not about to tell a man how to live his life, but I’m unable to back down on a good ole scrap, wot, Tally ho chaps!!!

Begins dancing about, waving his fists rather comically


I’m sober bitch!

Punches the mf in the nose, followed by a kick in the kids



keels over, groaning, rolling back and forth on the ground

I say, ow, you’re not a fair fighter, you ow cad! Ever heard of Queensbury rules? uuurgh

gets up and hobbles away, groaning and mumbling all the while


:flushed: My god this conversation has turned into a bar fight


Don’t mind me there folks. Just sittin’ in the corner, drinkin’ beer, eatin’ popcorn and enjoying the show. :smile:


stupid europeans


I am currently doing some judging about the cars… and it seems like using the wrong type of fuel seems to be a rather common mistake, the required gasoline was 91 RON regular, not 95 RON Premium <3


Well crap… I thought Europe had 95 back then. Bye bye Alaen


It’s a one way ticket to bin town for me too


Well, even if europe used 95, my rules said 91, Sorry~


91 ? Did i used 91 ? I am not sure anymore i guess i used 92 bc we dont need a cat ? w
Where was it in the rules :smiley: MAXIMUM CONFUSED



I’ll wait you guys there.


Because “Kerosene” wasn’t an alternative. Bye, bye, Saab 99 Petro. :frowning:


Point 3 in the rules section…


But I remember that your/MGR’s car used 91 RON, but now that you said that I have to confirm that later


I mean. i said nothing🙃 puhhh checked it, I had 91