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FWM - Factory W ~~Motor Works~~ Madlads



Welcome to FWM
"For the Spirited Driver in All of Us."

Factory W Motorworks [A company full of Madlads], was founded by a couple of good friends with experience in the aftermarket performance market. Together they had founded the company using their skill sets and knowledge back in 1994. Our engines and chassis and bodies are designed and built in house with highly skilled welders and machinists in the trade. Our brand mainly focuses on light and high performance coupes and sedans with spirited drivers in mind. So far we have 3 main platforms with the Senso, Amalia and Cheyenne. Each with their specific 3 levels of trims and performance. The humble and efficent ES line. The punchy and agile GS line, and then the all out, in your face RS line.
We hope you take a liking to our models with intent for more to come. We are a growing company after all. So come on down and ask for a test drive.

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The Amalia line looks like it can give the BRZ/86 and MX-5 a run for their money, at least; in GS trim it could even put them all to shame.


Thanks for the compliments. The Amalia is inspired by the 86/BRZ and other lightweight RWD coupes mated to a Ford Ecoboost inspired engine. Makes a beast of a little car. My only fault with it is, that with the short wheelbase, it’s just really twitchy while handling at high speeds. I would like reviews with criticism to make my cars even better.


"The FWM Senso"

Senso is Japanese for War. The Senso will do just that, bring war to the race track and the streets. The Senso features a lightweight short wheeled base aluminium chassis and Formula 1 inspired suspension. We put the engine in the rear of the car for optimal RWD performance. And in true FWM fashion, we offer 3 trims.
The ES : Our entry level model. Featuring a Naturally Aspirated 2.0L, Dual Overhead Cam and Direct Fuel Injection technology for optimal economy and performance. It can be yours at an affordable price with choice of a 6 speed manual or advanced automatic.
The GS : Our mid range model. Featuring our turbo 2.0L, Dual Overhead Cam and Direct Fuel Injection technology for a much punchier performance and excellent mid range torque. It is only available with a 6 speed manual transmission.
The RS : Our top of the line model. Featuring a turbo 2.3L, Dual Overhead Cam and Direct Fuel Injection technology tuned for high output, high performance for the track and street. Available with a 6 speed manual or Dual Clutch Transmission.

Ask for a Test Drive at our small dealer near Willow Springs and bring War and style wherever you go.
FWM - "For the Spirited Driver in All of Us."

—Disclaimer. FWM is not responsible for any accident a driver may cause in the Senso. Our cars only meet the minimal safety standard. That is because the Senso features an integrated roll cage and no driving aids. Future purchasers are required to sign a document stating full disclosure and personal responsibility when driving the Senso and our FWM line up. See Dealership for full details.—