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FWM - Factory W Motor Works



Welcome to Factory W Motor Works!

Founded by Zack and Vince, both with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of engine building and their love of motorsports. These two great friends decided to start their own company and created what is today Factory W.

Factory W Motor Works, or FWM for short, believe in giving the driver the best driving performance experience at an affordable price. From the rally inspired “Kiwi” to the elegant 500hp “Aster” and our original 1952 speeder “Standard.” Our engines are built and tune in house. Our special engines such as the 4i.20, the 6v.30 and the 500hp 8v.60R. These engines deliver stellar performance and reliability and they do not disappoint! [ 6v.30 and 8v.60R are not available to the Kiwi and Amalia. See your local FWM Dealer for details. ]

We thank you for visiting us! Come and see our line up ask for a test drive and drive home with an FWM today!

FWM - For the Spirited Driver in all of us!



All new and refreshed compared to the original Amalia. The new Amalia has an all new look, a much more powerful and efficient turbocharged engine, a fine tuned suspension, bringing style, performance and value to succeed in the enthusiast market. Compact, economical and practical for use in the city while also hard hitting, nimble and fun on the back mountain roads.
The features our EcoTuTec 2 liter engine. Direct fuel injection for fuel economy and performance and our microturbo technology pushing 21psi. Yes, you heard right, boosting 21 pounds per square inch of compressed air into the engine. The results, exquisite mid range torque and acceleration. All that power goes to the rear wheels through a 6 speed manual transmission (Amalia GS 6 speed manual gearbox only).
We put comfort and modern technology in the cabin with our BAWS premium sound system. Sport black and red stitched bolstered seats and upholstery.
All of this car could be yours today for less than $40,000. That’s right, a track ready, economic daily driver at an reasonable price! See your local FWM Dealership and drive the Amalia.

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The Amalia line looks like it can give the BRZ/86 and MX-5 a run for their money, at least; in GS trim it could even put them all to shame.


Thanks for the compliments. The Amalia is inspired by the 86/BRZ and other lightweight RWD coupes mated to a Ford Ecoboost inspired engine. Makes a beast of a little car. My only fault with it is, that with the short wheelbase, it’s just really twitchy while handling at high speeds. I would like reviews with criticism to make my cars even better.