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Game Bug (Getting past chassis design)


Getting nothing but issues with this game since downloading it. Had high hopes but now I just want my money back. I cant progress past the chassis design stage in Lite Campaign, chosen chassis, chosen all frame options and suspension, added lights and additionals etc, selected everything required in the tab. Then when selecting Engine tab it just reverts back to square one in chosing Chassis.

I appreciate this game is in trial stage, but this is a joke with the amount of problems I have experienced so far.

Any advice?


Did you choose drive type(FWD, AWD, RWD, 4x4)? I remember NOT CHOSING ANY caused it to revert back to first tab.

Also what problems? I havent experienced any issues playing lite camaign. Recently did good 30 hours playing LC and didnt crash signle time, not even corrupted saves, literally nothing.


Yeah I selected everything. 100% sure as well because it was my 2nd car design round.
Just reinstalled the game so I shall try again now, I’m using Steam for it too if that helps.

Other bugs were the game crashed at random stages during car design and would require a reinstall of directX to work each time.
I also get a Script Error every time I open the game and the launcher window comes up (not effecting gameplay though as far as I can tell).


I get the script error too, from what I can tell is its the news feed which is browser based.

As far as the rest, I am pretty sure the Devs @Killrob will want more information like you system setup, os version, directX version etc.


DirectX thingy sounds like a problem with your OS. I played a lot of lite campaign from first open beta, and yes, back then it had issues, but now its perfectly fine to play. Now i mostly use UE4, but playing campaign from time to time and never really got any error.


Sorry for the late reply!
Verifying game file integrity is the better way to make sure the install is okay. Do you happen to have the game installed on an external drive? Sometimes that led to strange behaviour in Kee Engine. The jumping you back describe is not something we’ve seen before. What happens when you save, restart, and continue from there?
The script error is something everyone gets, it is not affecting the game, just annoying.