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Game Crashes When I try to edit an engine


The game itself opens and runs fine but as soon as I go to edit an engine I will get a few seconds where It’s fine but then everything will freeze and I will get a message saying the game crashed. The game was running fine till I encountered this issue and now I cannot edit any of my engines because it crashes before I get a chance to. I have tried reinstalling the game and verifying the files in steam. So far the only fix seems to be to switch from the public beta to the non-beta version where I can edit my engines without the game crashing however I still would like to use the public beta as the game loads faster and it has more bodies.


Everyone has problems with crashes right now. I’m sure a solution is on its way.


I do hope this is the case, really want to play without it crashing lol.


The last update wrecked the game but the developers says a quick fix is on its way…


I’ve noticed that it specifically crashes on things that change stats and if you change them without the stat screen up, it doesn’t crash until you check it again.